Analysis of the Decree – Firearm and Ammunition Law (Balance sobre El Decreto 15 Ley de Armas y Municiones).Guatemala City:IEPADES. Relevant contents. La Ley de Armas y Municiones (Decreto Número publicado en el Diario Oficial el 21 de abril de ) Artículo 2. Objeto. Dirección General de Control de Armas y Municiones. “Avanzando por Guatemala”. Menu. Navegador. Inicio · Quienes somos · Mensaje del señor Director.

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Q Full Citation 7. Analysis of the National Reports submitted by States from to United Nations General Assembly, 7 April. Ownership or holding, or transport of these weapons may be punished dee 10 to 15 years imprisonment.

Q Full Citation Trends in the Use of Firearms. World Health Organisation, 1 December. Article 98 prohibits all transfer, import or export of all types of weapons, pieces or components to countries which violate human rights systematically, or in those cases where there is reason to believe that the weapons or pieces shall be used for acts of genocide or crimes against humanity, in violation of international law, or shall be used to support irregular armed groups.

G93 Full Citation municiojes Panorama de una violencia transformada. Informes sugieren que el nivel de contrabando en armas de fuego y de municiones en Guatemala es moderado 11 Organisation of American States, 1 Amas.


Municiohes Full Citation Accessed 31 December Q4 Full Citation 8. Q Full Citation 2. Decreto NumeroLey de Armas y Municiones. Q Full Citation 6. Q Full Citation 4. Government of the Republic of Guatemala, 1 March. Organisation of American States, 1 July. It also creates a General Office for the Control of Arms and Munitions, whose functions shall include registration and authorization of all arms and munitions in the territory of Guatemala, inspect warehouses, denounce violations to the competent authorities, collaborate to put a stop to arms smuggling and trafficking.

Q91 Full Citation Law on weapons and munitions, Decree No. N Full Citation 3.

Objecto (Purpose) –

Impactos Muerte y Lesiones Compare. The decree regulates all types of firearms, arms using compressed gases, light arms, explosives, chemical and biological weapons, atomic weapons, missiles, traps, experimental weapons and any other arms. Armmas States by Rank and Score. Congress of Guatemala, 21 April. Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

Guatemala — Datos sobre armas, figuras y leyes

Sydney School of Public Health, 22 January. UN General Assembly, 31 May.

Cattaneo, Silvia and Sarah Parker. Diario Oficial el 21 de abril dehttp: Mortes Matadas por Armas de Fogo.

Copy of Ley de armas y municiones (Decreto ) by Guillermo Santizo on Prezi

Q14 Full Citation Cambridge University Press, 27 August. Congress of Guatemala, 28 November. El tratado de el comercio de armas de las Naciones Unidas ha sido firmado y ratificado por Guatemala. Article 82 prohibits the fabrication, import, export, holding and use of any chemical or biological weapons, atomic weapons and any experimental arms by individuals, as defined in the law.


International Review of the Red Cross Weapons and international humanitarian law Table of National Committees and other national bodies on international humanitarian law The domestic implementation of International Humanitarian Law: Sherman, Amy and Tom Ginsburg. Organization of American States, 14 November. N Full Citation Q16 Full Citation Q5 Full Citation 5. Q20 Full Citation UN General Assembly, 20 July. Guns and the City. Cambridge University Press, 9 July. With regards to penal repression, unlawful import or export of chemical or biological weapons, among other types of arms, shall be punished with 6 to 12 years imprisonment.

Q18 Full Citation University of Washington, 8 August. Wassenaar Secretariat, 12 July.