Loading data.. Open Bottom Panel. Go to previous Content Download this Content Share this Content Add This Content to Favorites Go to next Content. ← →. 3 (Fall )THE LIBERAL ARCHIPELAGO: A THEORY OF DIVERSITY AND Chandran Kukathas has in this remarkable work made a major. The author argues that the free society should not be seen as a hierarchy of superior and subordinate authorities but an archipelago of competing and.

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The Liberal Archipelago

Classical, Early, and Medieval World History: This freedom applies to people as they are, not to people reformed as we would like them to be.

Carr – – Palgrave-Macmillan. Although his “sympathies with some forms of anarchism are quite evident” p. The Cultural Construction of Society Conclusion.

Chandran Kukathas London School of Economics. Chad Van Schoelandt – – Philosophical Studies 4: Our author is equally decisive in rejecting another objection. Culture, Gender and Freedom of Expression. Ebook This title is available as an ebook. Freedom of Association and Liberty of Conscience 4. Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content.

Liberal Archipelago: A Theory of Diversity and Freedom – Oxford Scholarship

In his major new work Chandran Kukathas offers, for the first time, a book-length treatment of this controversial and influential theory of minority rights. Are not they too forced to act contrary to conscience? This book seeks an answer to the question: Cohen and Krysten Connon. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. People should be free to form and maintain whatever groups they wish, even groups that reject freedom and tolerance.


He is not an anarcho-capitalist of the Rothbardian persuasion. Chandran Kukathas holds the Neal A.

Nevertheless, Rothbardians will applaud Kukathas for one of his fundamental theses. End Matter References Index. He has arrived at a strongly libertarian position, which he defends in an original and insightful way. What if women in our groups accept their restricted options only because they have from their earliest years been taught that certain religious doctrines are correct, and they have never been exposed to alternatives?

The Liberal Archipelago: A Theory of Diversity and Freedom

History of Western Philosophy. If Aquinas is correct, need respecting liberty of conscience always be right? Are they really “free” to leave?

Choose your country or region Close. Skip to main content. By autonomy he means “the idea that individuals should be free to assess and potentially revise their existing ends” p. Brinton – – Archipelafo Journal of Political Theory 11 3: Leif Wenar – – Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.


The Liberal Archipelago – Hardcover – Chandran Kukathas – Oxford University Press

It advances an idea of a liberal archipelago which provides a better metaphor of the free society. Will it bear the great weight he rests on it?

Should they not be free to do so? He contends that the “most important source of human motivation is principle—or, better still, conscience.

Authors Affiliations are at time of print publication. Human Nature and Human Interests 3.

Social Dynamics Brian Skyrms. Civil War American History: Second, one should not do violence to other consciences—even if they are in error” pp. Kukathas rejects this question altogether: He maintains that people in a group who reject its way of life retain their freedom to obey conscience so long as they may leave the group.