Stoicism has ratings and 23 reviews. Scriptor Ignotus said: Although today Stoicism is celebrated primarily as an ethical philosophy, John Sellars’s. “Stoicism needs a new work of this kind. Sellars not only takes good account of the last thirty years of research, he also has much of his own to contribute. Peter chats about Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, and Epictetus with John Sellars, an expert on Roman Stoicism and the reception of Stoicism in the.

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Oct 12, Joe rated it it was amazing Shelves: So I was curious about what the philosophical common ground might be.

The Art of Living: Professor John Sellars on Stoicism as a Medicine for the Mind

John Sellars delivers what he promises to do, namely to introduce his readers to the basics of stoicism. He also says that the goal ought to be to shoot well, not hitting the target, although paradoxically this may in fact lead to one hitting the target more often.

Its doctrines appealed to people from all strata of sellags society-from the slave Epictetus If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend Unshakable Freedomfollowed by Selkars and the Art of Happinessand by then you’ll be well set up to get into this book.

They are all readily available in cheap paperbacks. How would you introduce yourself and your work to our readers? This connects to the discussion concerning sentences referring to non-existent entities, active in the early 20th century and sellags in which Bertrand Russell was engaged. The same goes for life. So if the length of time a viewpoint has been around is anything to go by, it is time to recognise the two schools of the Fourth and the Fifth Stoas as being distinct schools each of which have their roots in the First, Second and Third Stoas.


Even in the Hellenistic period, then, Stoicism was a rich and diverse movement, a complex living tradition. If you are interested in this publication, you might want to check the paperback edition. This book partially remedies this problem by giving a clear, engaging summary of ancient Stoic philosophy. For the Stoics philosophy is an art or craft analogous to medicine. We are blessed with a healthy son, but it could so easily have been otherwise.


The volume includes a glossary and chronology, which, together with its accessible yet authoritative approach, makes it the ideal choice for students, scholars, and general readers interested in what Stoicism has meant, both philosophically and historically, for western civilization.

Cause and effect is part of the rational manifestation of the Cosmos, but so also is the conscious input that starts new lines of cause and effect or that tries to guide existing lines of cause and effect towards desired goals.

The process of writing is entirely within my control. I have called this form of Stoicism that tries to look to the first three Stoas for inspiration, and so is a spiritual and life philosophy, the Fifth Stoa. Of course, sometimes this is easier said than done!

The famed Stoic ethical practices were one aspect of a much broader worldview, and Stoic thinkers made important contributions to logic, etymology, and physics, as well as to ethics. Sellars illustrates how bizarre this claim is in the following way: Can you talk to us about something difficult you went through or something you struggled with and how your knowledge of Stoicism might have helped? Many of the ideas, from the physics in particular, have been superseded, but a surprising amount of material from the logic and the ethics remains relevant today.

The chapters sandwiched in between, however, are where the gems are. Nigel, you really do go from the sublime to the ridiculous when you compare what happens in a game of snooker with what happens in life. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Your email address will not be published. It is a selective view of the Stoicism passed down from the First, Second and third Stoas.

By introducing the philosophical school through stoicizm of the Stoics themselves, Sellars is able to formulate the evolution of Stoicism through the ages: Others prefer to avoid labels. Upon reaching this, one will be a Stoic sage.

Sellars gives a short history of the main players in the first chapter, as well as a brief rundown of the influence of Stoicism on western thought up to the 20th century. These initial reactions are natural, but the Stoics saw sustained emotional distress as a choice, wrongfully but willingly entered into by the ignorant.


I particularly like the idea that it is by studying Nature and understanding better how the natural world works that we can come to accept these as simply parts of the natural order of things rather than great tragedies or sources for melancholy. Deriving from the Cynics, the Stoics conceived of everything “real” as having some sort of material substance.

When you have finished this book, you will have basic knowledge of the history of stoicism, stoic views on nature and ethics, and the relation between stoicism and stooicism developments in philosophy.

But if one knew the theory of Stoic virtue perfectly well at a theoretical level, and virtue is constituted by knowledge, then wouldn’t they naturally lead a perfectly virtuous and ethical life? So why, then, do people clearly act in response aellars verbal communication if the meaning of these communications doesn’t exist? The player could of course have chosen to play a different ball and so what happens in the game is not preordained — moment by moment the player has the free will to choose a course of action within the limits of the game.

Stoicism by John Sellars

I’m most likely to remember that – “emotion does not consist in being moved by impressions selalrs are presented to the mind, but in surrendering to these and following up such a chance movement. I also remember stoicisj somewhere that there was one philosopher from antiquity who embodied the spirit of Socrates without being a Platonist who also deeply admired Diogenes, and his name was Epictetus.

Highly recommended for philosophers and non-philosophers alike. This book is beautifully written with clear divisions and headings and presents Stoicism as a whole philosophy of life as compared to just using it in few situations.