The router must be used in compliance with all applicable international and national laws and in compliance with any special restrictions regulating the. EDGE industrial router ER75i v2 is used to wirelessly connect various equipments and de- vices via Ethernet interface 10/ to the Internet or intranet. Thanks. Please, observe the following instructions: • The router must be used in compliance with all applicable international and national laws and in compliance with.

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EnOcean wireless thermo switches and Enocean remote sensors. No, it has no future.

Router GPRS/EDGE Conel ER75i v2B set

Subscribe to all notifications. Datasheet Subscribe to notification. Subsequent Timeout 30min a Subsequent Timeout – 20min.

If parameter Switch to primary SIM card after timeout is checked and.

Er775i Manual Subscribe to notification. How Can We Help? Declaration Subscribe to notification. Range is from 1 to minutes. Compact dimensions, all necessary ports, LED, antenna connector in the front of the router and option to be attached to a DIN bar. To improve the user experience on this site we use cookies.

Poll Do you plan to use LTE technology?

ER75i v2 industry GPRS/ EDGE router, EMEA, Plastic

Both of ports can be fitted with internal switch exp. Other diagnostic functions ensuring continuous communication include automatic inspection of PPP connection offering an automatic restart feature – in case of connection losses, or hardware watchdog which monitors the status of the router. In an unsuccessful attempt eer75i switch to default SIM. Parameter Switch to primary SIM card after timeout enable defines the method, how.


Expansion board RS for router Art.

Parameter Additive Constant sets the amount of time which is added to every attempt at main connection establishment after unsuccessful defined attempt for example: Certificate Subscribe to notification. Parameter Switch to backup SIM card when data limit is exceeded enables switching. Switched to a failed second attempt made after 30 minutes.

In an unsuccessful attempt to switch c2 default SIM card, the router on the second attempt to try for the time defined in the parameter Subsequent Timeout, range is from 1 to minutes. Parameter Subsequent Timeout sets the time period for every other next attempt to make connection with default APN, range is from 1 to minutes.

Files for ER75i v2 – download – CZ. I agree to the processing of personal data. I agree I disagree. With the help of a special window start up script window you may insert Linux scripts for various actions.

Documents vv2 download Subscribe to all notifications. Parameter Initial Timeout sets the time after which the Router tries to make connection with default APN, range of this parameter is from 1 to minutes. M-RAM memory built inside the router may be used for storage of the router statistics or to run various applications. Web interface provides detail statistics about the wireless router activities, signal strength, detailed log, etc.

ER75i v2 GSM / EDGE router

The following parameters define the time after which the router c2 to go back. Upon request an optional Port1: Transportation and security – connection of various sensors in trains, vehicles, container transportation assistance and river boats.


For Port1 are available: When the router is in offline mode, the router is permanently available via CSD connection. ER75i v2 Life Cycle: Yes, as soon as possible. Not yet, but maybe in the future.

Metrology, alarm and warning systems – connection of sensors measuring water flow level in rivers, seismographs, rainfall meters, air pollution monitoring devices, meteorological stations. Parameter Switch to primary SIM b2 after timeout defines conditions, how to switch. Additive Constant is 15 minutes. Robust industrial construction, connection status monitoring and control, control via SMS and other advanced features based on our previous and successful products – the complete list of routers may be find here.

Cellular wireless routers may automatically upgrade configuration and firmware from server.

Option to rr75i between SIM cards if the preset data limit is reached, for example during roaming detection, etc. The first attempt to switch back to the primary SIM card or APN shall be made for the time defined in the parameter Initial Timeout, range of this parameter is from 1 to minutes.

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