Sunward details the inner part of the eclipse phase solar system: can you take the heat? find out on Mercury, the vulcanoids, or dive into the sun’s Corona with. Eclipse Phase: Sunward: The Inner System – We updated Sunward and added print on demand options in October ! Sunward details the. Eclipse Phase has 98 ratings and 5 reviews. Timothy said: The opposite of the Rimward book as this one focuses on the inner planets like Mercury and Venu.

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So I saw the latest on the trade show on the Catalyst site, as well as what I think was the cover to “Sunward” http: Want to Read saving…. The core rulebook itself isn’t an awful way to expose people to transhumanist ideas and implications, either.

Rhys Miller rated it it was amazing Jan 20, If the ethical and practical implications of some of the stuff that can be done with transhumanity’s technology doesn’t scare you, the Exurgents and TITAN threats will. Errata Though we aim for perfection, until the AIs come, we must admit to making mistakes.

Sunward: The Inner System | Eclipse Phase

Hey backers, Before we get into Eclipse Phase Second Edition news, we need to bring you some Posthuman Studios news and how it will impact fclipse Kickstarter going forward. Philosophy aside, there are still a bunch of hot-button political issues wrapped up in this game. And it’s not that hard either, many criminal organizations in the setting are known to do this. This page was last modified on 8 Octoberat Adam Jury Collaborator on October 5, Lex: On the other hand, it’s so incredibly advanced that understanding it would be a huge ecilpse forwards for science, and the Watts-McLeod strain might just be a relatively safe and easy path to functional psychic powers.

Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. I’ve very much enjoyed the work your team put out to date, and hope you will be able to work together in the future.


Slow Joe on October 5, Very sorry to hear about y’all splitting up. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a pretty big flaw in the setting’s premise and logic, it’s infamous for tying the Eclipse Phase forums in intellectual knots, and lhase should probably decide early on how you’re going to handle it.

The solar system alone contains more factions and sub-factions than your average Drow city, and they trust each other about as much as the Drow do. Thumbnails of the first third of the book! Thanks for telling us about the problem. As a part of that sunwwrd we’ll share the process for submitting corrections, which Adam will compile for Rob’s approval when he gets back from Europe.

You can follow his fabulous twitter feed at FakeTSR to keep up to date on his writings and humor. Recommended for flavour, and for the interesting ideas–Venus, in particular, is an interesting achievement. Obviously we gave her this very early because it’s cozy and fall is here. Moreover, Eclipse Phase goes beyond simple transportation into duplicating and modifying people with egoware, resleeving and the forking mechanics, which makes it much harder to handwave away the implications as Star Trek does.

Oh, and in case anyone is. Apr 27, Marcin Roszkowski rated it really liked it.

The game is set around 10 years after the singularity sunaard the Fall in the game renders earth a nano-technological wasteland, and trans-humanity lives scattered around the solar system.

Landon BThomas Sheyand 15 more people like this update. No trivia or quizzes yet. Tedthulhu rated it it was amazing Dec 05, Woody rated it it was amazing Oct 13, This is a well put together sourcebook for Eclipse Phase’s inner solar system: Man, gotta catch up on stuff from a couple days away don’t you HATE that?

This allows combat to be highly lethal without having to introduce new characters constantly, eclispe to the 6-pack system of Paranoia. Bryan rated it really liked it May 17, Some aliens calling themselves ‘The Factors’ appeared, claiming to represent the rest of galactic civilization, but they are very mysterious and possibly completely manipulative assholes who want to fuck humanity phasr.


To make things worse, the process of resleeving and egocasting can be, and was, compromised. This is another fantastic piece from evlipse Stephan Martiniere who also did our core book and GM Screen covers.

Sunward Cover Art | Eclipse Phase

Your mind is software. Before we get into Eclipse Phase Second Edition news, we need to bring you some Posthuman Studios news phwse how it will impact this Kickstarter going forward.

Comments Only backers can post comments. Looking ahead, will we be getting the digital copy of EP2 for us to “proof” for a week or so before the final draft goes to the printers?

Eclipse Phase: Sunward: The Inner System

Both for what you get, and to support an amazing game system. John rated it really liked it Feb 24, We’ve already reprinted Sunward several times; the print on demand version does not contain any additional corrections. All in all, until I read Sunward, this was my favorite sourcebook of the series. Fissure Gate Gatecrashing Preview 2: The Eclipse Phase website also has several mini-sourcebooks about little things like the Titan Quarantine Zone on Mars or a scum swarm called The Stars Our Destinationa Morph Recognition Guide with pictures and rules for every Morph in the game found throughout the sourcebooks, a list of NPCs ready to use, and a few adventures.

Joey rated it it was amazing Dec 09, When you put it all together, the idea that people are habitually committing suicide just to get around the solar system or do a specific job better is completely fucking absurd. Sean rated it really liked it Sep 25, Lex on October 5, When can we expect the Nano Ops?