This week I will be discussing the Poulenc Sonata (Available on a piece of music that is as beautiful as the Cantilena, how can you not sing?. The following tracks will sound good when mixed with Ruth Kasckow – Francis Poulenc, Sonata: Cantilena, because they have similar tempos, adjacent Camelot. Download the interactive sheet music Sonata for Flute and Piano, FP – II. Cantilena by Poulenc – App available on PC, Mac, Android and iPad.

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A good practice is to keep the dynamic a bit softer than marked to ensure that you use your air effectively until the end of the phrase. Requiring the performer to place an articulation over these notes, rather than slurring them all together, deliberately slows down the music and prevents the cantilsna of rushing.

Practice Blueprints – Poulenc Sonata | Rachel Taylor Geier

You are commenting using your WordPress. There is a reason that Poulenc included the slurs in this passage. In AprilHarold Spivackea spokesperson for the Coolidge Foundation at the Library of Congresswrote a letter to Poulenc offering a commission for a piece of chamber music for a festival going to take place in October Remember your Scales — I hate to sound like a broken record, but the melodic section between Rehearsal 8 and Rehearsal 12 is based on scales.

Analyze the rest of this brief, melodic section and half of your work will already be done for you! Weird but highly effective!

Playing in the high register requires a very strong embouchure that directs a smaller, more pressurized air stream out and downward to prevent sharpness okay, I mean, MORE sharpness to an already sharp register.


Practice Blueprints — Bach Sonata No. A good way to approach any trill is to focus poulen energy and strength on the higher note of the trill. But when you are cantillena a piece of music that is as beautiful as the Cantilena, how can you not sing?

List of sonatas Category: It might be tempting to slur the entire passage to connect the figures and provide some added elegance to the music.

Poulenc: Flute Sonata, FP II. Cantilena, a song by Francis Poulenc, Emmanuel Pahud on Spotify

For more of a challenge, and if you want to further embarrass yourself, attempt to sing the canhilena and play the notes at the same time. Just be sure to release the tension placed on this finger after the conclusion of the trill.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It was reported poulec be a rousing success. An example of this type of phrase is found cnatilena Rehearsal 15, extending through measure The connection between these notes will be stronger when you use the pedal technique, ultimately making the phrase much easier to execute.

The practice suggestions below are a bit more straightforward and compact than last week because this work is based on shorter units of ideas rather than longer, larger concepts. Poulenc wrote the piece in Cannes between December and Marchand the completed manuscript was mailed to the Library of Congress on 7 June I like to practice these off the wall techniques whenever my husband is at the golf course and no other living being besides my cat is within ear shot.

How do you address these struggles? Views Read Edit View history. The duck face, as it pertains the flute playing, helps to produce a more resonant, darker high register that responds much easier to alterations in dynamics.


This gives the note more stability through the use of an added vent, preventing it from cracking. Duck Lips — No, I am not talking about taking a flute selfie while you pay the 2 nd movement although if you must, I invite all duck face selfies to my blog.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Do what you can to fight your creative instinct and simply adhere to the music as written.

The phrase will sound more intense and rhythmically accurate. What other practice techniques do you use for the Poulenc Sonata? For example, in measure 7, the phrase in the middle of the bar begins on a low F and makes its way over 2 beats to a high Db.

Pedal to the Metal — Have you practiced your flexibility exercises lately? Bracket these sections with the name of the scale to save your brain and fingers the headache of trying to figure out the notes when you get there. Create your best duck face when playing this movement and you will also create your best sound quality in the high register. As the saying goes, when you visualize, you materialize. canti,ena

Francis Poulenc, Sonata: Cantilena

For example, practice chunking measure 26 by placing rests after the first 3 16 th notes and after the following 3 16 th notes. You are commenting using your Twitter account. This is perfectly fine and will produce the same effect.