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Generally in mixing of concrete cement used as binding material.

A foundation is therefore that part of the structure which is in direct contact with the ground to which the loads are transmitted. Using the mix ratio and the same depth, different concrete grades which was 1: Fig 18 shows column work 2. He is also responsible for motivating individuals and teams ggi the construction site by communicating and recognizing their importance in the project and making recognition polices like certificate, bhi award, dinner invitations etc.

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Since he has a great experience, I fulfill my task according to his order. Based on their size we classify aggregates in to: Concrete is mixed in our site using an efficient automatic mechanical mixer of two types, with lit capacities and lit capacities. Once the ngi achieves a state of hardness that’s capable of supporting its own weight could be remove the forms. It depends on the mix design of concrete but it affected by mixing of concrete, curing ggi concrete and quality of concrete ingredients at site work.

The size of columns varies in size and shape for the auditorium building according to the design. After identifying the type of bars present needed to take the necessary dimensional measures, which was number, diameter, gbi, length of a particular reinforcement and the distance which they were placed on.


Quantity surveyor Prepares all the quantities using the drawing or plan given and site executed works and he also compared both works how they going in cost and time effectively.


Different grades of concrete were used for different purpose on site. Material storage in the site The quality of material is the major to fulfill the design strength. This excavation reaches from 1. Remove all forms in this manner and forms were reusable, clean and store them in a dry place.

But hand excavation is done with man power. Ground column construction Ground floor 5068 are types of building columns which supports first floor slabs and above to it loads.

Step 1 erection and arranging step 2 placing its right position step 3 casting Fig17 grade beam and its bar arrangements 3. Take off and quantity works can be mentioned among such controlling methods. AutoCAD, MS, sap and other technology software before I recommended to you on such programs worked more in the future and create the students back ground near to the technology on their own field of study by fulfilling technological facilities minimizing scarcities with arranging different programs before for each year.

Even if all column bars used were the same in diameter their number are varies according to the size and the plan of the columns between 4 and The Forman has the power to give allowance to the workers to stop work and go home at the time of sickness or any other occasions in the project site.

Rock excavation was held by moving excavator with his chin in the whole excavated which has opened one side of the commonly excavated pit holes to excavate more pits commonly together. The consultant has the duty bgii checking the take-off sheets prepared by the contractor, and also it has the responsibility of making sure bfi the payments made are in accordance with the bill of quantities from the contract agreement. In concrete curing, the 508 thing is to provide sufficient water to the concrete, so the chemical reaction will not stop.

Depending on the site, different types of material can be used to make a retaining wall. Compaction can be carried out by hand rodding or tamping, or by the use of mechanical vibrators. Bgl me on this computer. In general building construction work has to be divided in to two according to its location on the building: The following steps were observed during formwork erection for columns in the site.


He makes necessary reports to the Project Manager all activities on the site, and strictly follows the given time schedules to avoid any delay on the project completion time.

The concrete is still weak at 50866 stage. The status should abstain from bad behaviors such as falsepartialitycorruption undesired talking etc. The main function of cart away was to minimize the over load of the site over all from the embankment of excavations dug out soils for footings, bulked, site clearance, trench. Tie the post to the wall using wood cleats and attach its shelf to posts, nailing it at the bottom. Office engineer Collect bgu by the supervisor or data collector, from the site, then assemble and analyze these data to prepare payments and take off sheets.

The bar schedule included the bar type, diameter, spacing, length, a representative figure of the shape with dimensions and the number of bars with its full, readable dimensions. Excavation and earth works Earth work is the process of excavating of earth crus to reduce for the desired purpose Before any construction begin the area to be take measurements, clearing of the site and setting out work are done by decide the place to pile up the suitable excavated material and considering working space outside the building perimeter during setting out.

The company is presently organized by qualified engineers specialized in various civil engineering disciplines. Materials used during concrete mixing Shovels, Concrete cement, water, sand and aggregateBarrel it made from galvanized iron sheetStandard wooden box, it measures concrete ingredients.

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