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Uniden BcT7 user manual

Department of Transportation Frequencies 4. Remember, though, that CB channels can be quite congested and they may tend to tie-up the BCT7 with unwanted conversation. Pre-programming by the following categories: If you cannot determine the polarity of your vehicle, consult your vehicle dealer for information.

Slide the switch back to OFF to enter frequencies once again. If you lock out a preprogrammed frequency in one bank, and that frequency is programmed into bvt7 bank, the frequency is locked out of both banks.

BCT7 – The RadioReference Wiki

Optional Accessories bt7 Replacement Parts Press H to enter Manual Mode. Search Direction Keys89 Or point us to the URL where the manual is located.

Programming Your BCT7 contains programmable memory channels available in the following frequency banks: After 2 seconds, the searchbegins through the 40 CBchannels. Press to unlock the frequency. Restore a Locked Out Frequency. When scanning stops on a desiredTo resume scanning, press H. Select the bank where you The Warning Light flashes andthe Alert Tone beeps five timeswhen a signal is received.


Page 29 If your scanner receives strong interference or electrical noise, movethe scanner or its antenna away from the source.

The BCT7 scans programmed channels at the rate of nearly channels per second until it finds an active frequency. Some priority frequencies may be locked out. Press Q to program Programming Programming Your BCT7 contains programmable memory channels available in the following frequency banks: Evidence of original purchase is required for warranty service.

Page 32 Going by patrol cars and not receivingalarms. The Warning Alert does not work while scanning these banks. In the event that the product does not bc7 to this warranty at any manal while this warranty is in effect, warrantor will repair the defect and return it to you without charge for parts, service, or any other cost except shipping and handling incurred by warrantor or its representatives in connection with the performance of this warranty.

Uniden BcT7 : Scanner User Manual

Press to stop scanning. If you find a frequency you would like to program while in a general search of a band, press frequency, then follow programming steps 3 through 8.


The data icon appears in the display. You can purchase this type of antenna at a local electronics store. NEWS appears in the display andscanning begins two seconds later.

Programming frequencies 22 – Uniden BcT7 User Manual

Don’t have an account? The unprogrammed channel number and Operation of the scanner is the same as for mobile use.

Search Direction Keys 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Change manua, or frequency banks. VOLThe scanner performs a self-test: To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Search Down Indicator 16 Scanning stops on an active frequency, and remains on that channelas long as the transmission continues. Turn the volume knob clockwise. Page 21 ProgrammingYour BCT7 contains programmable memory channels available in the following frequency banks: If you cannot determine the polarity of your vehicle, manuql your vehicle dealer for information.

Try turning your squelch down or locking out the offending frequencies.