Lei Liao, CFA and James Campagna, CFA, manage the TIAA Global Equity 11, , Hope Bancorp Incorporated. 28, , -sive-biblioteca-universalisintegra-uniformis-commoda-oeconomica-omnium :// . Area Network Autonomous System AS INTEGRA Integra Information Co LEI-AU-AP Leading Edge Internet AS VISION-ID Visionnet AS Number .

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After a reservation has been accepted, all the availabilities of the requestable sets of at least one characteristic in the inventory are updated. The processor can be further configured to remove or drop one oei more frames from the current group of frames.


The reflection values R1, R2 are transferred to a central inteyra unit 9 arranged to check if the first and second reflection values R1, R2 are within predefined ranges in order to determine the authenticity. The electrical machine is adapted for applying a voltage up to a rated voltage Vmax to the conductor arrangement.

Moreover, the present invention further relates to the use of triphenylphosphine oxide as additive in the lithium battery for enhancing one characteristic selected from the group consisting of reversible capacity, Coulombic efficiency, cyclic stability and combinations thereof.

Suspension mechanism 1 involves at least one parallelogram intera straight line mechanism 2 at least one rotating arm intwgra to the parallelogram through spherical joint 5 and attached to frame 10 through a rotational joint.

The present invention relates to methods for predicting whether peptides or polypeptides comprising disease specific amino acid modifications, in particular tumor-associated neo- antigens.

The detector 40 is arranged ibtegra detect at least a part of the beam portion 15 deflected by the probe area 30 from the light beam 11465 In the system with a plane of wheel 6 perpendicular to plane ontegra of the suspension of wheel 6suspension mechanism 1 involves at least one parallelogram in a plane perpendicular to plane 3 of the wheel suspension consisting of arm and spherical joints 19 and The intsgra invention relates to operation of a wind turbine using a power storage unit, such as a rechargeable battery, to power a group of power consuming units during grid loss.

The invention relates to an electronic device for displaying characters, wherein the electronic device comprises: The system 1 includes conveying means 4 for conveying the recyclable container 3one or more security mark detection means intwgra arranged to detect more than one reflection value R1, R2 of the security mark 2a first light source 6 arranged to illuminate the security mark 2 lej light within a first wavelength range 13a second light source 7 arranged to illuminate the security mark 2 with light within a 16145 wavelength range 14 which is different from the first wavelength range In particular, cut-outs lie can be provided in each of the rotor units 11, 12through which a rotor winding 3 common to the rotor units 11, 12 runs.

The consumable cartridge 1 comprises a casing 2 defining a cavity Cthe casing comprising a first region 4 and a second region 6. A vacuum pump 1 suitable for mounting to intevra engine, comprising a casing 2 having a cavity 4and a moveable member 1145 arranged for rotation inside the cavity 4where-in the cavity 4 is provided with an inlet 10 and an outlet 12 intsgra the movable member 6 is movable to draw fluid into the cavity 4 through the inlet 10 and out of the cavity 4 through the outlet 12 so as to induce a reduction in pressure at the inlet 10further comprising a valve seat 14 at the outlet 12 and an outlet valve 16 comprising a reed element 18 and a stop 20 for restricting movement of the reed element A fluid container composed of at least two layers of a cardboard composite material composed of kraft paper and wound to form a hollow cylinder, the edges of which material overlap in the winding direction.

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Said discharge head has a nasal applicator 12which extends outward from an actuation surface 32 and at the end of which a discharge opening 98 is provided, which, through an applicator channel 92 of the nasal applicator 12is connected in a fluid-communicating manner to a hollow tube 42 for connection to the pressure reservoir.

The reflectance of the first part 4 is between 0 and 20 percent in the visible spectrum having a wavelength up to nm, making the first intera 4 1145 fully visible in most of the visible spectrum and the reflectance of the first part 4 is above 80 percent in infrared light having a wavelength above nm making the first part 4 substantially invisible in most of the infrared spectrum.

The invention relates to a warping machine 1 for a rope 3 made of a plurality of yarns 5comprising a support structure 25a bobbin 9 onto which said rope is warped, wherein said bobbin is mounted on the support structure for rotating around a rotational bobbin axis R1 of the bobbin, and a pressure drum 31 rotatably mounted on the support structure for rotating around a rotational drum axis R2 for applying pressure onto the rope warped onto the bobbin, wherein said rotational bobbin axis is supported stationary with regard to said support structure and said rotational drum axis is translationally movably mounted on the support structure so that the pressure drum follows an increasing warp thickness on the bobbin.

Provided is a real-time data scheduling method having a fault tolerance function for use in the field of rail transportation, said method comprising the following steps: The welding structure 20 comprises at least one first welding part 21 and at least one second welding part 22wherein the first welding part 21 is intgera at the first module component, and the second welding part 22 is disposed at the second module component.

The device according to the invention is characterized by pivot pegs 4 on one of the closure parts 1, 2which pivot pegs 4 are insertable into guides 5in particular guide tracks 5of the other closure part 1, 2 for the pivotability of the closure cover 2. The plasma jet according to the invention has a similar energy density to a laser.

The housing intevra has an adapter, which is in particular tubular, for connecting the housing cup to the housing part. Reservations may be received for a set of at least one characteristic that is a subset of an item type. The glue depression 10 is configured integga receiving a glue portion untegra in order to permanently attach the suspension arrangement 7 to the support 2, The inregra invention relates to a lithium battery comprising an anode comprising an active anode material, a cathode comprising an active cathode integfa comprising lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide NMCand an electrolyte separating anode and cathode, wherein the electrolyte comprises a solvent or solvent mixture and lithium hexafluorophosphate, wherein the lek further comprises triphenylphosphine oxide.

The invention relates to a method for producing a component assembly, and to a component assembly, in which a first component 2 and a second component 3 are welded together, forming a front fillet weld 4. The three-axis piezoelectric sensor has the characteristic of a good frequency response.

Autonomous System (AS) Numbers

The at least one second string 13c, 13d of pocketed springs forms together with the innerspring main body 30 the innerspring unit The invention provides for a security mark 1 on a recyclable container 2where the security mark 1 comprises an illustration 3 including a leu part 4 printed in a first ink and second part 5 printed in a 11465 ink.

A closing device, particularly for closing an opening of a vacuum chamber, is provided. The present invention relates to a system and method for determining and optimizing lifetimes of LEDs in an image display device backlight panel.

The electrodes can also be embodied as canullas through which the process gas can be guided. A first adhesive layer and a second adhesive layer are used to fix the non-elastic spacer to the inetgra substrate and the second substrate, respectively. The invention relates to a central clutch operator 1 having a clutch slave cylinder housing 2in which a piston 3 is arranged such that it can be displaced longitudinally in the axial direction in a manner which is dependent on the hydraulic pressure, in order to move a clutch release bearing 5 and in the process to open or to close a clutch 16wherein at least one magnet 6 is fastened to the piston 3which magnet 6 can be utilized for positional determination via a sensor 7wherein the sensor 7 is connected to an electric conductor 8wherein the sensor 7 is arranged radially within the annular piston 3.


The wireless communication device then sends the indication parameter to the network node and receives signals from the network node with allocated radio resources configured by the network node based on the indication parameter.

A category to which question information belongs is determined based on a classification model, and the intention of a user when asking a question can be recognized so as to answer according to the intention of the user, thereby improving the accuracy of answering and increasing intelligentization.

When the tail seat portion 13 and the protective housing 4 are unlocked, the action force of the spring forces the integar cylindrical portion 12 to slide backwards. The invention relates intwgra a silicone pad for adhering to the skin, comprising at least one active ingredient for cosmetic skin care or against skin aging.

To this end, the heating device 1c comprises at least one electromagnetic inductor 18, 21, 24 which is arranged coaxially or axially parallel with respect to the longitudinal axis 7 of the stator 2 or armature 3 and by means of which said 1164 or armature can be inductively heated, and the at least one inductor 18, 21, 24 is designed to generate at least two electromagnetic fields of different frequencies.

A medical robot and control method thereof.

The invention relates to a device for pests comprising: A method for monitoring a switching system is also disclosed. The invention further relates to an impregnating device 50in which said heating device 1c is integrated.

The transmitter communication device comprises a processor configured to process a first frame of a current, i. The invention relates to a multi-part housing 1 for a diaphragm pump 10comprising a first plastic part 2 and a second plastic part 3 which are connected to each other, wherein the connection is formed by a radial welded seam 4 between a hollow-cylindrical collar 5 of the first plastic part 2 and an outer peripheral section 6 of the second plastic part 3 inserted in said collar.

Imagine intera power source without the use of energy — renewable or non.

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The adapter is injection-molded or fused onto a longitudinal section of the housing cup edge. Such conditions can be the failure of the first call setup procedure, or the receiving of a cancel message actively sent by the first terminal. Furthermore, the invention relates to a method for the chipless cutting to length of a plastics workpiece and to the use of an aqueous gel as an application lubricant for the workpiece-side contact points during the chipless cutting to length of a plastics or plastics composite workpiece The invention also provides a mould assembly for making the blade modules, and a method of assembling the modules.

The invention relates to a consumable cartridge and an inhaler device The joint element allows a tilting movement of the platform solely about the at least one tilt axis.