Steps of The Lefkoe Belief Process. 1. ASK (the client): Identify some pattern currently in your life that you have been trying unsuccessfully to change–either. Over 25 years ago I developed the first in a series of interventions (Lefkoe Belief Process ®) that eliminates the beliefs that are responsible for most of our. Join nearly , Who Have Changed A Negative Belief And Improved Their The Lefkoe Belief Process has already helped nearly , people in over.

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How do you know that? NLP distinguishes between the different representational system people use: Business Beliefs Positivity Attitude Success.

How the Lefkoe Belief Process Works, Part 2 – The Lefkoe Institute

Actually, most people are a mixture of the two, with most people preferring one modality to the other. Opportunities that I have been wanting for a long time have come pouring through the door since that “Aha!

Fidelma Pereira September 30, at 4: So I urge you to start reading it, today! So a belier of years ago we added a new step to the LBP specifically for such people.

Hi Morty, Thank you for replying! And games usually are a lot of fun for most people who play them. When I asked this particular client the source of his belief, he described a childhood in procsss his mother was always telling him what to do and what not to do.

Hi Kay, Try the free version of our belief-elimination process online and see if it works for you. What is Unconditional Love Really?


When it is clear that we never saw the belief in the world, the belief becomes transformed into just one of many arbitrary meanings, at which point it literally disappears as the truth.

There were several other beliefs and all of them had to be eliminated belieff the pattern disappeared totally.

It is not the lefkor way, and it is time-consuming, but this worked way better then just doing the K-step once, so maybe that is the key with those people.

Please feel free to share my blog posts with anyone you think might be interested as long as you tell people where they came from and to provide a link from your own website or blog to my blog: The answer will always be, yes.

Once we understood this distinction, we added a few steps to the LBP especially for people who know reality primarily via their feelings and have revised those steps several times since I find it helpful to read your blog weekly as it reinforces the work that we have done together.

Morty Lefkoe is president and founder of The Lefkoe Institute. I then asked the client what process believed, at the moment, that logically could account for the current, undesirable pattern that he just had just presented to me.

How the Lefkoe Belief Process works, Part 1 – The Lefkoe Institute

I definitely appreciated every part of it and i also have you saved as a favorite to see new information in your site. They write well about fascinating ideas and teachings. It is an almost never-ending source of information and actionable steps to improve your life.


Prcess receive an overwhelming number of daily emails linking to blogs, most of which I glance at and delete.

It is a great intro to his work, as well as a great way to dive deeper. As you point out, it is one process to know something intellectually and another to actually feel it and fully believe it. Hello Linda, I have a belief that we are all doing the best we can with what we have.

Get Rid of the Belief, “I Can’t”

All beliefs are merely the meaning we assign to events. As for your visual kinesethetic quandry, lots of solutions for that, but I think your Sense process holds most of the answer. If you work in a company you hear I can’t Do you address auditory digital as well?

This can be confronting to many to say the least. No matter how well you know Morty and his work, you will procesx a TON from it and grow as a person. You get a video that guides you into eliminating a belief when you join our newsletter.

It has helped me incredibly in my life! The blog articles stretch my perception of reality, and how I view the world.

It is an almost never-ending source of information and actionable steps to improve your life. Permalink Gallery How can you end negative feelings without procezs danger of suppressing them?