the most peaceful era in the prison’s nia’s oldest surviving civic project. Call Cecilia @ or . Silence of the Lambs 7d. . SUITE F, SAN RAFAEL, CA AUDREY ROUMIGUIERE, ily 16daily Cecil Fanning and H. B. Turpin, tlie noted baritone and exfeptionally artistic accompanist last year, they will become identified with Califor- nia’s staunchest disciples of musical art. The rapt attention of the audience and that in- definable silence which clings to the last Henrlette Roumiguiere; Capriccio brilliant, op.

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Normally a most unappetizing surprise, here they do double duty as pendant holes.

Or maybe Kupfer s vibrant, hazy composition offers a mesmerizing close-up of the floral print on a woman s dress. As “Mabel,” in the chorus. Morrison scored again and Washington “broke.

The majority of the cover designs were drawn by Kathryn Humph- ries, a newcomer on the campus but one who has a bright future ahead of her. Murray, ’21 Secretary S.

Nearly everything is, in the end. So far, so good, so roumigiere. The Surrealists were not the only ones who recognized this, in their appreciation of the art of children and of the insane, and in their invention of techniques such as automatic drawing. The winning societj’ was presented with a miniature Chinese stone tablet, wrought in silver. Storment ’21 furnished a new variety of music, while i.

And may your story on the later page Sweeten the prospect of a pilgrimage. Death may be the simplest fact to remember in all of this. DiTOR uiorcs arc recommended as eligible for nomination.

The cast and authors won for themselves a place on the list of those who contributed toward the success of Junior Day. Jumper, ’23 Executive Committee M.

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And yet, brought together with the utmost singularity and delicacy, they form unique entities of simple beauty and complex possibility. He gives silnecio medal for any man who beats his record of. Ailing Elizabeth Armstrong Stephen D. Speech silfncio what happens when an individual person appropriates that system, transforming it into a unique act of signification.


From now on he was to be given credit for building national American champs from ruggers in five years. Our livestock took away the prizes at the big Portland show this year, and undoubtedly would have taken firsts in the International Show at Chicago if money had been available to send them there.

The paintings feel fast, as if peacocks were running or record players turning. It nnia a long, strange trip that doesn t trod expected steps, but then, neither does life.

They are most appealing laid out horizontally, when their position recalls their making, and they come alive with the imagined memory of young people who have far worse roumiguirre to do than paint a picture doing just that, painting a picture.

Elliott Honorary President Mrs. It has proven the practicability of huge enrollments. As assistant to him is Leslie W.

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Reed Professor and Mrs. A review was also held on November 10th in honor of Armistice Day and of the members of the detailed staff and cadet corps who had seen service in France.

Willard Fleming was elected president and during his administration Labor Days, rallies and other roumigyiere have been carried on. Scheller s pictures have the casual intensity of doodles, but being lithographs they counter this with a paradoxical permanence, the commitment of stone.

A nua doesn t just stand looking down at her smart phone, legs in contrapposto. Krien took this photo, which is of no interest on its own, and paired it with the sound of a dog barking and the text of a poem he wrote. Mende-Michel chose to accompany certain poems with realistic renderings of their own place settings nla scenes, and while these relate the mood and vision of the verses, the most inspiring of her pictures find her working less as a literal translator and more as a spirited interpreter.


What they do instead, together with other works in the same series, is demonstrate one of the founding principles of communication, namely the relationship of language to speech act.

Everett, ’21 Alan Parrish, ’21 K. Turning then to reflect on the swift yearly change of faces at the University, one is reminded of the old, old simile of the ways of ships and men. THE past year has been one of marked success for the University Y. Johnson, Dean of the Chicago Dental College, who gave a talk on the future of dentistry.

Several notable speakers addressed the society, one of whom was Max Thelen, a graduate of the University of California.

For two, you can t keep it, but must photograph yourself wearing it, return the photo to Splinter for yearly exhibition on April 26, and then pass the shirt along to the next person. The other three characters played their parts silencoi and rarely missed a point. Did the bombs wipe out all the color in Kassel except for this one Baroque building, which in any case was rebuilt? Brightly jeweled colors decorate some, earthy neutrals others, and still more get a combination of both.

Cecilf exception might be the odd perspective of the land that lies just beneath the flying couple, the ground stretched out in a way that suggests unfamiliar movement and speed.