No maps of Sri Lanka showed it as its territory. However, seeing it’s strategic location, Sri Lanka started claiming it. The issue was discussed some times during. Katchatheevu Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Jayalalithaa attacks rival DMK on Katchatheevu ceding issue, seeks. In the run-up to the state elections, both the AIADMK and the DMK have been bringing up the issue of ceding of Katchatheevu in and.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. Dec 31, Firstlyit must be understood that the Indians are in the wrong and only sustainable fishing practices will change the situation. In June the new Tamil Nadu government led by Jayalalithaa filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking the declaration of the and agreements between India and Sri Lanka on ceding of Katchatheevu to Sri Lanka as unconstitutional. National Entrepreneurship Awards Tamil Nadu CM J.

Jayalalithaa pushed for the retrieval of Katchatheevu, the centre of a long-standing dispute between the katchatheevuu of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. There stands the only religious structure, St.

Raja; Raghavan, Srinath You are commenting using your Facebook account. Frequent attacks by Sri Lankan naval personnel and opposition by fishermen there to plying their trade in Katchatheevu islet has forced an increasing number of fishermen to leave for Kerala. Why are you fishing in our waters? The Indo-Sri Lankan agreement allows Indian fishermen to fish around Katchatheevu and to dry their nets on the island. India should also realize how favorable Katchatheevu might be to Sri Lanka as it continues to strengthen its ties with China.


Sri Lankan minister 21 Feb, The TN vision document does contain some good proposals on katchatueevu, but little has moved in this regard. Anwar Ibrahim Globalization at a crossroads: The island was earlier part of the Ramnad Kingdom. Inwhile the island was still unmaintained and desolate, the Sri Lankan Army occupied it for military exercise. katchxtheevu

You came in there. Init was made clear that Indian fishermen are not allowed to fish on the Sri Lankan side. CSR Compendium Touching lives of many. View comments Post a comment. The idea was to promote a concept that catered to multi-day fishing in the EEZ along with cold storage on land and hinterland connectivity for the product to reach consumers.

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Though ceded to Sri Lanka, the agreement, which did not specify fishing rights, allowed Indian fishermen to fish around Katchatheevu and to dry their nets on the island. Jayalalithaa said why the DMK member was asking her on “what action was taken on Katchatheevu,” when it had not done anything over it. As part of the Sri Lankan civil war, this arrangement led to many difficulties with the Sri Lankan Navy that is deployed to prevent smuggling of weapons by the rebel group LTTE.

The Centre seems to hold the view that it cannot be seen as going back on a bilateral agreement which has demarcated the waters according to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

There is a need to examine the issue dispassionately issur see how the issue, even after four decades, has not led to any change in the lives of the fishermen. Wed, Jun 15 Ostensibly, none of these might happen in the foreseeable future. The church festival runs for three days. katchathedvu


In conclusion, with or without Katchatheevu, there is a lot that can be done to improve the lot of Indian fishermen by weaning them away from mechanised fishing in the coastal waters and in Palk Straits in the context of dwindling catch and unwanted confrontations that have strained bilateral relations.

Sri Lankan minister says Indian court cannot iasue accord on Kachchativu Island”. The Lankan Navy also is doing their job and is equally harsh on Pakistani and Bangladeshi fishermen.

Why Katchatheevu is non-issue for fishermen, good for politics

Resolution passed on Katchatheevu”. The affidavit further indicated that “Indian fishermen have no traditional fishing rights” in the area around Katchatheevu.

With the commencement of the annual ban on fish KA-ing, this is the best time to talk about the deep sea fishing initiative, and engage with the fishermen to train and equip them for multi-day fishing.

Katchatheveu will be happy to have you on board as a blogger, katchatbeevu you have the knack for writing.

No one is required to possess an Indian passport or Sri Lankan visa for visiting Kachchatheevu. Tech Science Reviews Search for: So Karunanidhi, the then chief minister katchafheevu Tamil Nadu, a.

An unassuming hero on the threshold of greatness The Modi economy and jobs: Lankan move to rebuild Katchatheevu church calculated provocation: Jaya to PM 27 Oct, You stay on the Indian side, let our fishermen stay on the Sri Lankan side TomorrowMakers Let’s get smarter about money.