Get right into it: I have a background image at dpi and high resolution x I am trying to right text with something simple such as. Trying to convert a TIF file to a rasterized EPS file using “convert -density test. tif “. But Photoshop prompts the resolution when I. I’m aware that the rasterization takes place which is where the problem fundamentally lies, however is there anything more that can be done to.

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Using latest version of ImageMagick as well. If you don’t get the expected results with ImageMagick, you could try with Ghostscript: So perhaps you should check your jpg and see and if CMYK, then use profiles to convert to rgb before writing text.

You could automate this via an simple webpage of some sort for users. If I import the pdf in the gimp I believe the gimp also uses gs internally for pdf conversionI can set the resolution to whatever I want, and it works. And so added it to the Delegates section of IM Examples. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. To be clear, this approach doesn’t flatten transparent layers as indicated above.


Rasterize SVG with right density? – ImageMagick

Example of what I’m talking about using the command below: I tried using this to remove a transparency layer via flattening, but it did not work for me. The -quality option defines the compression quality of the output jpg 0 min If the size of the text is ok and you are rasteriz getting “blurry” text, then perhaps you should specify the output options compression and quality. But there are probably a lot of other ways to create the files.

The best thing you can do with such a PDF is rastrize just ‘rasterize’ it again with the source density dpi in your case. Ghostscript gs worked better than pdf2ps and convert for me. Is there a way I could use Krita for this, without having it spawn its gui? I’ve been working with this project since the start of the year and have progressed quite a way with converting between postscript-type files, namely PDFs. Anyone know why this might now be failing If you have problems with specific PDFs, you could upload an example.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I could split the PDF into individual raster images and combine them manually, but I want something scriptable.

Imagemagick / Ghostscript: converting a pdf into a jpg [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Maybe pdf2ps could help if the printer is supporting postscript. I converted a one page pdf to a jpg. Use a blur perhaps? For more information see the very rough notes of Delegates, in IM examples http: It has to be something to the point of when I’m writing to the pdf. But first you should check the CMYK issue, yes. We originally used the following command line: Example – the 5th page at dpi: IM solved always my problem, so i want to put also in my production flow. Thank you fo rany info?


The text should be grayscale, but after looking at the print the text is cmyk.


rwsterize Let us know your preferences. You can, however, modify the resolution of Method 1: Rasterized Text Questions and postings pertaining to the usage of ImageMagick regardless of the interface. Select all convert -density foo. For high quality prints you can increase that number.

You can change the handling of the elements that are antialiased. Last edited by Drarakel on Sun Sep 26, 6: