Watch what it’s like to shoot an IDPA match. IDPA MATCH RULES. Curious about the match rules, scoring, and what you need to do before shooting a match ?. New IDPA Rulebook – Ontelaunee IDPA – March – 1. I like to think of myself as one of the few USPSA Shooters that can discuss IDPA. Old (Historical) IDPA Rule Books rulebook (The “Flat-Footed Reload Rule Book”). July 6, – The Little Brown Book (April, to October, ).

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IDPA flourishes at the local club level and I utilize the general stress free environment of IDPA club matches to introduce casual gun owners to the world of competitive action shooting. There is no competitive advantage that would merit continuing these restrictions. Please login or register.

International Defensive Pistol Association

The terms have been defined with their everyday meaning. Here is the relevant text:. IDPA has allowed me to travel to new places and meet new urle, talking about shooting sports and promoting 2nd Amendment rights along the way. IDPA offers a range of benefits to local clubs. Even the people that I’m trying to “beat” will sit at the back of the bay and compare notes about how best to shoot a stage.

There is now a Match Administration handbook. Lets apply the 4 questions to these rules: Square Foot Gardening Update. The first one is a PE penalty and gook second is a DQ. Kerry has done a wonderful job outlining those concerns which have been included below. Failing chrono is no longer a DQ. We are very delighted…. The duty gear exemption is much more clearly defined, and duty gear may not be used in sanctioned matches.


Loaded chamber reloads cannot be required on the clock except in Standards stages. Browse matches and find one near you. They have to use a hand held light too. First, is the potentially disastrous safety officer rule.

Concerns Surrounding the New IDPA Rulebook – Walt In PA

This is a good rule. Subscribe by Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

No weapon mounted lights allowed except for shooters with the use of only one hand. Feel more confident when I carry a concealed weapon. I quickly became bored just standing shooting at a target.

With the extended controls of the Shadow is it really lagal in SSP IDPA is perfectly positioned at the wide end of the funnel to capture the surge of new shooters interested in self-defense and concealed carry, by adding the club level outlaw divisions and continuing to refine the rules, I think IDPA is in great shape for the next few years. I use the sport to introduce others to competitive handgun shooting.

Well, maybe I could use a spare if the price is right.

Old ( Historical ) IDPA Rule Books

Classifier scores will be accepted into the system. I’ve now competed in matches in 15 different states and made life long friends along the way. When I first starting shooting IDPA 3 years ago, Idps had no idea I would forge lifelong idps and learn from the best shooters in the world. The potential safety issues caused by that were enormous, and thankfully that has been removed from the final rulebook. Five tiers of matches have been defined.


The most diverse came from Kerry as he stepped through a variety of concerns and what they meant for everyone involved in the sport. What started out as a loose hobby for me has turned into a passion. Flashlight rules have been defined. Join a community of shooters to learn, grow and most importantly have fun. Not sure if competitive shooting is right for you?

We appreciate each and every one of you! It just feels a little better balanced and weighted in my hand. Find a local match and experience it for yourself. This allows calibers smaller than 9mm, carry optics, and other pistols which do not fit into the 5 competition divisions to participate in local club matches.

Mobility challenged and permanently physically disabled shooters have been defined, and procedures are defined for situations where they cannot perform a required action in a stage.

Keep in mind it’s not legal until October when the new rules take effect because my 97b won’t make it to 39 ounces old ssp requirements but will make it under 43 ounces new ssp requirements without a problem. Some reloads have been given simpler terms. Not For Competition 8. Matches are held virtually every weekend of the year.