Huawei Technologies Proprietary HUAWEI U-SYS SoftX SoftSwitch System Operation Manual – Configuration Guide VR Huawei. Support for Multi-Country-Code and Multi-Area-Code .. HUAWEI. U-SYS SoftX SoftSwitch System. Technical Manual – System Description. HUAWEI. U-SYS SoftX SoftSwitch System. Operation Manual No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any.

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The default is set to start various functions. This manual only introduces the installation of the JDK softaware. Get size of verify file fail. The log file is a text file; the default file manuual is ppt.

OAX AX SoftX Traffic Measurement ISSUE_图文_百度文库

The measurement hhawei be carried out by sampling or restricting various features of calls in details. It is generated automatically under the installation directory when you install the system patron. The strong points of the configuration are: It connects softtx3000 maintenance terminal with a remote server through an access server and an access client.

You can modify various configuration items based on actual needs. When CPU utilization exceeds the parameter value, the system patron stops the timing detection. The following takes an example to illustrate the configuration about Manusl address and ports.

The equipment cost decreases because the RAC and the RAS do not use a separate server, and maintenance operation focuses on maintenance terminals. These products are more suitable for individuals or enterprises for the non-dedicated purposes. The following is the automatically-generated core file list after the installation of the SoftX system patron.

At present, the log backup directory cannot be the disk of network mapping or network directory. Next, the computer installed with the RAS software must meet the hardware configuration requirements in Table The weak points are that their virus databases must be upgraded periodically and are not available to the latest viruses; also the products do not provide customized interfaces.


Other parameters are set to default values. The content following the semicolon is neglected during the information analysis.

In other words, only one maintenance terminal can be maintained remotely. It includes adding server instances, deleting server instances, and refreshing server statuses.

Generally, the operating system does not upgrade programs during the patch operation, so the patch operation does not affect the SysPatron. In addition, the subnet is connected with the Internet; that is, maintenance terminals can access the RAS through the Internet.

It includes the following parts: Only maintenance terminals that meet the requirements of the maintenance terminal access strategy can connect with the RAC to maintain servers which must be defined in the server access strategy. M byte of the size of the file to be detected. The following takes the RAS software as soctx3000 example to introduce uninstalling steps. Green The connection has been configured in the list; the connection request from RAC has been initiated and the RAS authentication is passed.

U-SYS SoftX3000 BAM User Manual

In this case, first use the operating control tool to stop its running, and reinstall the SysPatron. The RAS accesses Internet directly.

If the file to sofgx3000 added is not listed in the source file list, the generation tool of the verification file adds it to the end of the source file list automatically. One call begins at 8: If yes, repeat steps from 1 to 4 until all the programs and files are recovered. The common log information is shown in List Only installation programs and installation prompts are different.


If you modify the contents in the system configuration file especially the core file listthe security performance of the server may be affected directly.

Huawie the parameter is set to any character string, it indicates that the integrity is detected every several hours.

Huawei eSpace IAD101H Quick Start Manual: Accessing Ngn/ip Pbx (mgcp)

Can the related setting of the SysPatron be configured in the registry? Stop checking programs and files in the core file list. A maintenance terminal used by a remote maintenance engineer accesses the Internet through an RAC and a proxy server to maintain remotely.

For a newly-installed server, it is recommended that verification files are generated immediately after the installation of basic sftx3000 operating system software and server softwaresofxt3000 as to avoid the virus infection due to the online running of source files and the use of other software. If the system has been installed with the RAS software, follow step 7. Measuring National Toll Traffic. Related Manuals The related manuals are listed in the following table.

Traffic Measurement during Version Upgrade Record and then delete all traffic measurement tasks. The automatic backup log file is stored under the subdirectory LogDir of huaweei installation directory. They are defined as follows: Program has been started. Appendix B Description of Configuration File Timing system integrity checker Starting to check the check file list.