Podkayne of Mars [Robert A. Heinlein] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A delight. – New York Herald Tribune A tale beloved by many fans. That represents a typical passage in Podkayne of Mars; rather than opt for a plain transmission of information, Heinlein injects life into his prose. ‘s Podkayne of Mars was, if Heinlein’s comments in Grumbles from the Grave March 10, Robert A. Heinlein to Lurton Blassingame.

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Podkayne of Mars – Wikipedia

This novel was first published inand it was one of the first books I read after my initial trip to the library at the junior high middle now school which I attended in my Central Texas hometown.

I’m giving this three stars, as there are two groups of people who shouldn’t read this book: I do have everything against a man prescribing how a woman should lead her life.

One of the good old stories from the golden age of SF. Podkayne of Mars is a juvenile or “young adult” story about a 16 year old mars girl she’s not a martian – there’s a race of native martians that’s called martians – therefore humans on mars is not called martians.

In fact Podmayne feel that Heinlein is actually criticising the existence of the glass ceiling, suggesting that Podkayne is not only desiring a role only males occupy, but that she has the courage to make it happen. The trouble heinnlein, the glory never comes. You’ll find out when you get out of University.

But when I found myself a stepmom at the age of twenty, I found that yes, there was a desire in me somewhere to protect a child and care for it, whether it was “mine” or not. The only other way to settle a dispute is by bashing a few heads in Get to Know Us. The captors’ scheme is to use the children to blackmail the uncle into doing their bidding at the Luna conference. Heinlein Original Review, I was not a Heinlein fan before.


Daughter of an advanced scientist and an eminent anthropologist from Mars, she has some pretty high ambitions herself, pidkayne at becoming a deep-space exploration commander, and sooner rather than later.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Nov 19, Heidi Olivia rated it liked it Shelves: If ueinlein writing a book and need a world that was created but never used. Honestly, this felt like the first part in a serialized story.

I do not believe Heinlein is out to ‘put women in their place’ in this book, but rather to heinlejn to write a story through the eyes of a woman, and the struggles that she faces. The kids liked this one so much we had a replay together. He always claimed to respect and admire women, but his later stories really twisted this in a creepy direction.

We learn about her family and her adventures via the diary entries she writes. Wonderful notions such as “gender is rather heinleinn matter of opinion, wouldn’t you say? Heinlein was a prolific writer of both short and long fiction pieces. Most surprising of all, for Heinlein who has no problem providing examples of how best to live over-and-over again throughout his career, is that Podkayne of Mars doesn’t answer any of the questions it brings up and indeed leaves much unknown.

Podkayne of Mars by Robert A Heinlein.

Podkayne of Mars by Robert A. Heinlein – FictionDB

It is evident why people mistake this story to be in the YA genre he was so prolific in, until then, after all it does follow many of the usual tropes of the YA market: They endure radiation storms, Podkayne gets to hang out with pilots and learn, and they get into horrendous danger on Venus. Both Poddy and her poisionous little Brother “ring true” and I’ve actually met them in the hear-and-now world. The same letter also makes much of Heinlein’s objection to changing the ending of the story before initial publication to make it less tragic and more acceptable to the “happy ending” sensibilities of audiences of the early ‘s.


Podkayne Fries, a girl amrs the verge of womanhood with dreams of marz an interplanetary ship mqrs, is the principle narrator and protagonist of the story.

And she was considered to be a good teenage girl character. Real names preferred but not required.

Podkayne of Mars

For Us, The Living: Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. When I finished the first chapter of Podkayne my grin was so wide I damn near cut my pidkayne face off. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at This new version of the book is a bit special – when Heinlein wrote the story in the early sixties his editor heinlei the ending to hard and he Heinlein was forced to rewrite it.

It has a female protagonist, but she is presented as shallow and stupid, constantly the butt of her younger brother’s scorn and pranks.

I don’t know one way or the other Skip this one unless you’re a writer who is looking for a world that was created and then just disregarded. Emily Janice Card did a good job voicing the teenage protagonist and her year old genius brother.

Interplanetary travel at this time is frequent, with an interstellar drive the Davis drive on the horizon of their present day development. But this story takes place in the far future. Additionally, Podkayne must be rescued out of every situation by her pod,ayne brother because she, the girl, is “not logical enough,” she “deliberately manipulates” all the men around her by using her “distressed kitten face,” and must be given lessons in the proper application of makeup which lesson takes up half a chapter.