Here is a phenomenal routine created by Guy Hollingworth, this trick is done with done with any 4 of a kind and completly impromtu, pupming.

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However, I’m afraid that yollingworth technique may not be as suitable for a larger audience. Ive come up with a routine called Twisted Gamblers Dream with the gimmick.

The Ellusionist Forums are no longer active. Do you usually turn to the side when you perform the turnover on the leg? I will prepare a video for MVD http: Is there any other way to get around doing the bold turnover move wavnig Waving the Aces?

I usually acex use it to show one or two people, but I’ve never actually used it in a paid performance. For those of you that know the effect, you’ll see that my handling is drastically different and the ending is not even there.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Waving the Aces

As for your presentation, I’m glad you put in some patter. It’s more of a knack to acquire. Definately worth it, I use the move on Denis Behr’s video too, or alternate it with Guy’s handling, It’s definately worth the effect if you get the alignment move sorted.

I however could never really get the hang of the routine nor the reactions I think it merited. I use the gimmick quite often when Im at a table but not much in a walk around atmosphere. I’ve always wanted to include this in my routine, but I still fear that someone may catch the pretty bold turnover which must be done 4 times for those of you that know the effect, you know what I’m talking about. And the routine isn’t that hard. Instead I decide to focus on and learn the application of the move within the Oil and Water routine p.


I’ve been using the side of the leg technique to do the turnover. I think the turnover move in the original handling is covered better. I don’t really do “shows” but I really like this effect.

I love Guy’s Waving the Aces and I love the optical allignment move. This page was created in 0. You don’t have to use the turnover Guy uses. Mar 3, Originally Posted by Ty.

I just do not want anyone mislead thinking this is the God trick or something cause it’s “said” to be impromptu. Quartet illiminates the half pass. I am very impressed. RJohnson Find latest posts.

Waving the Aces – Guy Hollingworth (not 2aces routine)

And i hope no one thinks this trick is that 2 aces routine even though i have stated it, they may have doubts of watching cause of the name, I am saying this cause of the low feedback and the low veiw count, but any way thanks every1 for the awsome positive comments.


At Ellusionist, we have one goal: I have my own version. Just practice the alignment of this trick and use misdirection while doing the turnover.

It’s very easy to make a handling using other types of reversals. There are lots of good materials. If you use the front of your leg instead if the side, your hand and a small packet of cards is covering the turining over action.

Keep up acse good work.

Waving the Aces

How lazy are people? Check it out here: There’re many moves out there to reverse the next card in line for the effect. Just play with it a little and you’ll come up with something. He did this on World’s Greatest Magic 1 and I thought it was brilliant. Nass Find latest posts. I had to learn it.

It’s a great trick, but I’m finding it annoyingly difficult to master! Should have been the firs thing the OP did. I guess I’ll just have to keep practising!! We thd many of our own magic supplies, tricks, effects, and custom playing cards.

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