In this life-altering program, Gregg Braden shares the 15 keys of conscious creation you can use to transform the miracles of your imagination into what is real in. The Spontaneous Healing of Belief has ratings and 74 reviews. Michael This book by Gregg Braden belongs to the “New Science/Spirituality” genre. In The Spontaneous Healing of Belief: Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits, Gregg Braden continues his pioneering work to bridge science and spirituality.

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Excerpt from “The Spontaneous Healing of Belief”

It inspires me to continue to believe what I’ve been believing in life. Lists with This Book. As I stepped closer to hear what the young guide was saying, I quickly became part of the crowd that was shuffling toward the central part of the plaza. Are you merely a fluke of biology, energy, and matter that just happened to converge in this instant? Lynne McTaggart’s revolutionary book The Field captivated readers around the world with its exploration of the unseen dimension where science meets spirit.

The parallels are fascinating. Once I opened the cover, I couldn’t stop reading until I’d glossed and highlighted almost every page. Is “belief” the object in the phrase, i. Beliefs Every day we offer the literal input of our belief-commands to the consciousness of the universe, which translates our personal and collective instructions into the reality of our health, the quality of our relationships, and the peace of our world. Jan 11, Judith rated it it was amazing Recommended to Judith by: As successful as science has been in revealing the answers to our deepest mysteries, some of the greatest minds of our time openly suggest that the language of science is incomplete.


We change what goes into it. What if we are limited only until we change the way we see ourselves in the world?

This book is somewhat interesting because it sheds light on some of the ways in which current science may be beginning to grapple with an understanding of how perception makes reality. A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that our universe works like a Consciousness Computer.

So it is a worthy read and I could see where someone new to the subject would be so moved to give it 5 stars. How do you do that? The implications are absolutely staggering.

Bruce Lipton has received widespread acclaim as one of the most accessible and knowledgeable voices of “new biology”. Also, the first chapter or so really dragged along and didn’t say much, iirc.

Well, this isn’t it. It is beautifully read too.

“The Spontaneous Healing of Belief” by Gregg Braden – Alanis Morissette

We can never be observers, because when we observe, we create and modify what is created. I love that this book succesfully combines science and religion. What we once believed is about to change! Rather than the number codes of typical software, our Consciousness Computer uses a language that we all have, yet are only beginning to understand. He really needs to work on making his writing less convoluted and more concrete. It may be that the compact technology on your desk actually holds the key to the greatest mystery in the universe.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. As the emerging science of epigenetics shows, our beliefs and choices can control our biology down to a cellular level.

From the healing of our bodies, to the success of our careers, relationships, and the peace between nations, this new evidence demonstrates that we each hold the power to speak directly to the force that links all of creation.


The Spontaneous Healing of Belief

It was old and beautiful. Greg Braden does it again. With this one little shift in perception we are given access to the most powerful force in the universe, and the key to address even the seemingly bradne situations in our lives. Free Motivational Quote of the Day You may unsubscribe at anytime.

The Spontaneous Healing of Belief

Clearly, the key to healing, peace, abundance, and the creation of experiences, careers, and relationships that bring us joy is to understand just how deeply we are connected to everything in our reality.

From the remote monasteries of Egypt, Peru and Tibet, to the forgotten texts that were hidden by the early Christian Church, the secret of healing our false beliefs was left in the coded language of our most cherished traditions.

Although new theories, such as the superstring theory, may ultimately hold the answer, critics have posed a good question that has yet to be answered. The Whole Universe from a Few Good Patterns The science of the last years has led to an inescapable conclusion about the reality of our everyday world: Zuse was obviously a man ahead of his time.

If your answer to this question is No! State in one sentence how you feel regarding your desired outcome as if it has already happened. It has certainly changed my life for the better.