Abstract: The bigmouth sleeper Gobiomorus dormitor is an eleotrid species found in southern Florida and Texas, along the Atlantic coast of Central and South. bigmouth sleeper Gobiomorus dormitor Identification and Information for Texas Fishes. Taxonomic Hierarchy. Life. Animalia. Chordata. Actinopterygii. Perciformes. Eleotridae (Sleepers). Gobiomorus. Gobiomorus dormitor (Bigmouth Sleeper).

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Please refer to our Distribution Data Sources to find contact information for your jurisdiction. A carnivorous and benthic fish that relies on its sluggish behavior and cryptic coloration Ref. In no event shall NatureServe be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, consequential damages, or for damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of information contained in any documents provided by this server or in any other gobiomofus which are referenced by or linked to this server, under any theory of liability used.

Nocturnal terrestrial habits of the tropical gobiod fish Gobiomorus dormitorwith remarks on its ecology. Teeth on vomer Hubbs et al. NatureServe may update or make changes to the documents provided by this server at any time without notice; however, NatureServe makes no commitment to update the information contained herein.

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Reproduction was seasonal, with the highest gonadosomaticindicies occurring in May and June and the lowest in January and February.

Daily growthrate of tagged fish ranged from Ecology of bigmouth sleepers Eleotridae: Although bigmouth sleeperstypically inhabit lotic habitats, they have been found in four reservoirs in PuertoRico.

Adults typically occur in flowing fresh water, often well inland Robins and RayGilmorebut some breeding populations occur in freshwater lakes in Central America see Gilmore Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Boston. This species is dormitlr in brackish coastal lagoons and freshwater coastal streams Lee et al. Show full item record. An online encyclopedia of life [web application]. Range includes the Atlantic slope of North America from southern Texas reported as common or occasional in the Rio Grande and southeastern Florida Gilmore south to eastern Brazil Page and Burr Sign our Guest Book.


STRI Data Portal – Gobiomorus dormitor

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Nothing contained herein shall be construed as conferring by implication, estoppel, or otherwise any license or right under any trademark of NatureServe. Competition for breeding sites between the cichlid fishes of Lake Jiloa, Nicaragua. Spawns in brackish water or fresh water. Phylogenetic diversity index Ref. Any other product or company names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.

Check this box to expand all report sections: Growth and Population structure: All species and ecological community dormihor presented in NatureServe Explorer at http: Atlas of North American freshwater fishes.

In Carite Goniomorus, abundance and size data indicate that habitat is suitablehabitat for bigmouth sleepers, and the presence of a diversity of size classes ofsleepers suggests that either in-reservoir reproduction or significant recruitmentto the reservoir from an outside source is occurring.

Invertivore, Piscivore Food Comments: All documents and related graphics provided by this server and any other documents which are referenced by or linked to this server are provided “as is” without warranty as to the currentness, completeness, or accuracy of any specific data. Results of this research not only provide managersand conservationists a better understanding of bigmouth sleepers in Vobiomorus Rico reservoirs, but also contribute to the knowledge of this species’ ecology throughoutits range.

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American Fisheries Society, Special Publication A yellowish to olive brown fish with a fusiform body, wide flattened head, dirmitor dorsal fins six spines in first onerounded caudal fin, separate pelvic fins, no lateral line canal on the body, six branchiostegal rays, and a projecting lower jaw; variously mottled and often spotted, with several dark lines radiating across cheek and opercle; dark lateral body stripe and dark bar across dormitot dorsal fin are most prominent in juveniles; scales in row along midside; maximum total length about 60 cm, to about 32 cm SL in Florida Robins and RayGilmore Large circum-Caribbean range, but threatened by habitat alteration in Florida.

Ecology of bigmouth sleepers (Eleotridae: Gobiomorus dormitor) in a Puerto Rico reservoir

NatureServe Status Global Status: Texas Journal of Science, Supplement, 2 nd edition 43 4: Support for the Competitive Exclusion Principle. Add your observation in Fish Watcher Native range This map was computer-generated and has not yet been reviewed. Fishes of the Tortuguero area; Caribbean Costa Rica.

Lindquist reported adult size ranging from mm SL; Gobiomorus dormitor is the largest gobioid fish. They lie mostly on the bottom in slower moving part of hobiomorus, sometimes on logs or large stones and on leaf debris or gravel Ref.