Definition. The Gadaa system is an indigenous egalitarian democratic system practiced among the Oromo nation of East Africa for the last six. Oromo society was structured in accordance with this Gada system. The Oromo society was structured into two distinct but cross-cutting system. They also say investigating Oromo society without considering the Gadaa System is merely like a man walking without a skeleton. In fact, many.

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Gada system, an indigenous democratic socio-political system of the Oromo

The Qaallu, the religious leader, leads the ritual ceremonies, such as blessing Gada officials and operations. There are also abundant ethnographic and historic evidences indicating that the Oromo had an effective military organization, not only in the sixteenth century but also in the subsequent centuries until the conquest of Emperor Menilik of Abyssinia in syxtem late 19 th?

Asmerom Legesse’s explanation, Gadaa is a system of generation classes wystem succeed each other every eight years in assuming political, military, judicial, legislative and ritual responsibilities.

The councilors are elected and proclaimed as leaders of their group or class at the beginning of grade IV. Sirna [5] entitled “Ethiopia: Currently, the Oromiya Radio and Television broadcast programs in the Oromo language about various aspect of the Gada System to increase awareness.

The Oromo society was structured into two distinct but cross-cutting system of pear group.? But, they have given information on their reference to African societies that used to live along the Nile Valley and around East African peoples.

In the case of the former, it is very crucial, to attract the attention of the participants since it also marks power transfer and in the case of the latter it is important since it checks the responsibility of the leaders in power.


However, Tsegaye did not clearly explain how the Cushitics initially came to derive the laws and use it in the administration. That is forty years long. Gada is a complex system that incorporates pivotal institutions such as moggaasa naturalizationguddifacha adoptionaraara conflict resolutiongumaa reparationrakoo marriage law waaqeffannaa Oromo religion and Siinqee institution to safeguard women right.

The tone, the gesture, the accent, the pause and other oratorical finesses are sufficient among several clans to strongly nuance the word De Salviac Each speaker may support or oppose the view of their predecessor and, in doing so, the views of the minority are eventually swallowed by the majority consensually. To address comments or complaints, please Contact us. Williams and Mark E.

In the middle of the deliberations he intervenes to make sure that a topic is meant to be in the meeting for discussion rather than debate.

Ethiopian Journal of the Social Sciences and Humanities

The only thing that gains automatic consensus are ideas that are close to the commonly accepted moral systek. The Yuba or semi-retired covers 32 of the life cycle years of the life cycle.

Similarly, studies conducted on African civilization also gives some details on the sysem and development of Gadaa System. Abbaa muudaa deals with the Gadaa System and offices are hereditary. Gada is a traditional system of governance used by the Oromo people in Ethiopia developed from knowledge gained by community experience over generations.

On the bright side, however, the enthusiasm and participation of the Oromo youth has been increasing tremendously. When the Gadaa Democracy Rules in gada Federal State” explores how the system could be integrated with the contemporary federal structure of Ethiopia, serving as a governance mechanism for the Oromia Regional National State.


GADAA – Socio-Political & Economic Structure of Oromo People – Oromo Community Organization

And ordered the man to teach peoples of Walaabuu. Hence, Gadaa is instrumental in examining and understanding the cultural and historical experience of the Oromo people. After eighty years of the Gada cycle the Yuba enter the stage of Gadamojji complete retirement Gadamoji is the eleventh and final stage of the gada grades. Sgstem of the time possessor of ‘Kallachaa’ can possess Bokkuu the sign of political power.

Briefing: What is Oromo’s Gada system? | Horn Affairs

Your browser is not supported by this application. At forty years of the gada cycle i. As to elders in the earlier days, Gadaa was purely a religious institution that helped the society as a constitution.

In our contemporary political system elections are conducted every five or four years in between which citizens often pay little attention to matters of government. Contemporary Oromo political culture, moral or ethical system and cultural traditions are shaped by the evolved traditions of Gada civilization. There are minimal ranking between senior and junior councilors.

Name of the element in the language and script of ststem community concerned: Discussion, Dialogue, or Deliberation. The place of Africa in the “standard history” of democracy is often overlooked.

The Oromo Nation is the community concerned with the Gada system.

Hadha Caaccuu mother of Chaachuu is the leader of Caaccuu.