Body of Michael Aquino and Paul Vallely’s -From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory- wars are fought and won or lost not on battlefields but in the. By Thomas J. Mattingly. Every day that Obama & Co. don’t declare U.S. Martial Law, Jade Helmsters dig selves a deeper hole. Round & round. BACK TO: PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS (PSYOPS) – General. Rebranded as MISO From PSYOP to Mind War by P E Valley & M A Aquino.

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The effectiveness of propaganda may be even less predictable and controllable than the effectiveness of mere persuasive communication. Thus PSYOP cannot predetermine the political or psychological effectiveness of psypp given military action.

Jade Helm: From PsyOp to MindWar

MindWar teams must offer technical expertise to the commander from the onset of the planning process, and at all levels down to that of the battalion.

May soon visit a brain near you.

Later VT articles may describe their Jade Helm roles in greater depth. Particularly if MindWar is actually to be employed as a feature of U. Never drop the soap in Texas, what my mom always told me.

It both causes and is affected by physical combat, but it is a type of war which is fought on a far more subtle basis as well – in the minds of the national populations involved. No proof yet, but it psop be. Alexis – December 30, 4.


He quickly acquires contempt for these popular images and beliefs Moreover he cannot believe in the ideology he must use in his propaganda. All Military New World Order. Inform me as to where it is being reproduced via the comments section or use the Trackback url: See ya later, having a thermisol cocktail. The lesson is not to ignore our own PSYOP capability, but rather to change it and strengthen it so that it can do precisely that kind of thing to our enemy in the next war.

From PSYOP to Mind War by P E Valley & M A Aquino

Vallely [14] at Presidio now a Fox-y tongue. Believe me; we know. Quite right, and so it must be axiomatic of MindWar that it always speaks the truth. The answer is that there is rapport in the former case; and it is a rapport which has been recognized and cultivated by the most successful broadcasters.

Invoking as it does the most intense emotions and commitments of its audiences, it must deliver the goods as they are judged by the target audiences.

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Media, Right or Left — much less for U. Infrasound vibration up to 20 Hz can subliminally influence brain activity to align itself to delta, theta, alpha, or beta wave patterns, inclining an audience toward everything from alertness to passivity. We will not win if we content ourselves with countering opinions and attitudes instilled by enemy governments.

If so, from whom?


Jade Helm is one sophisticated PsyOp. The US needs Texas more than Texas needs the US because of the monopolized and crucial world oil technology capitol of Houston ; and Texans know that and bank on midwar.

The Army’s efforts enjoyed some impressive successes, but our own PSYOP did not really change the minds of the enemy populace, nor did it defend the U.

Centuries of Arab Jewish culture genocided by Zionists.

Jade Helm: From PsyOp to MindWar | Veterans Today | News – Military Foreign Affairs Policy

He would do well to use some cue cards, because the long pauses in his speech are jarring. Jade Helm appears to have been designed by idiots. Only then is PSYOP invited to the table, to help achieve mindwzr missions more efficiently.

The theory behind “brainwashing” was that physical torture and deprivation would weaken the mind’s resistance to suggestion, and this was true to a point. I think it is fine to challenge those who think Jade Helm is definitely the precursor of martial law; but it should done seriously. Rather the psychological shock of the weapons destroyed what remained of Japan’s national will to fight.

Was it psypp for you too? The impact of even these minor techniques of MindWar was remarkable.