The Freeh report concluded Joe Paterno and other administrators hushed up a complaint against Sandusky showering with a boy for fear. None of the evidence cited by Freeh supports a claim that Paterno acted to conceal information about Sandusky. The Freeh report undermines. The report by Louis Freeh on the independent investigation of Penn State University surrounding the child abuse committed by Jerry Sandusky.

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Prosecutors, in charging documents, implied McQueary reported “anal intercourse” to Paterno; McQueary has testified he never would have used such explicit terms with Paterno, though he made clear he witnessed something sexual.

Paterno family: Freeh report ‘factually wrong’

Spanier remains tenured faculty member Archived April 3,at the Wayback Machine. The board said it had every intention of sending someone to personally inform Paterno of the decision, but was unable to do so because of a large number of people surrounding his house. McQueary testified he gave a rough report of fredh he had seen but that, out of respect, he did not share freh intimate details. On November 1,the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and NBC News, citing sources close to the investigation, reported that Spanier would be formally charged for his alleged role related to Sandusky’s crimes.

The NCAA also took away of Paterno’s wins, but they have since been restored, and with it his status as major college football’s winningest coach with victories. On November 21,Victim 9 sued Penn State, citing frehe the male victim had been unable to reach a settlement with the institution.

Penn State child sex abuse scandal

He continued to vie with Florida State’s Bobby Erport for the most all-time major college wins until Bowden retired in Jerry Sandusky still says he’s not guilty”. District Judge in Philadelphia ruled in favor of the university, stating that Penn State could not legally be held liable for Sandusky’s actions simply because he was employed there. Retrieved August 7, The Freeh Report, Blehar argues, is tainted with hindsight bias, written with the assumption football coaches and college administrators should have recognized warning signs that a child welfare agency and a charity for at-risk children missed.


We do not talk about their specific circumstances. Paterno Awardpresented to the college football coach who did the most to develop his players both on and off the field, would be discontinued.

The board accepted it and named provost Rodney Erickson as interim president.

Six years later, Penn State is still at war over the Sandusky scandal – The Salt Lake Tribune

The NCAA agreed to spend the money in Pennsylvania and reduced other sanctions, including restoring Paterno’s win total to An official with the Second Mile said that Smith subpoenaed information about Sandusky’s travel records just days after Sandusky’s arrest.

Freeh found a “total and consistent disregard by the most senior leaders at Penn State for the safety and welfare of Sandusky’s child victims”, which “empowered” Sandusky to continue his abuse. Shea Patterson accounted for three touchdowns and the Wolverines put together a dominant performance on defense in a rout against Repory State on Saturday. And he wanted his way, and he didn’t listen a whole lot.

Paterno family drops lawsuit against NCAA over Freeh report | NBC Sports Philadelphia

The case produced evidence embarrassing for the NCAA. In the NCAA’s view, Spanier, Curley, Schultz and Paterno’s cover-up of Sandusky’s crimes constituted “a failure of institutional and individual integrity,” and thus violated basic principles of intercollegiate athletics that were patwrno and above specific NCAA policies. A Behavioral Analysis,” sits near an audit of Pennsylvania’s child welfare system and an accordion binder, filled with financial statements from the Second Mile.

I love to pateron around them.

Louis Freeh, who authored the university report released in July, said the family review was “self-serving. Retrieved November 1, A man claiming to be the previously unknown victim of the shower incident “Victim 2” stepped forward through his lawyers in July and stated his intentions to file a lawsuit against the university.

Michael Boni, plaintiff’s reeport in the Sandusky scandal, claimed “the headlines of these stories is Paterno knew of Sandusky’s molestation in the ’70s, ’76 or ‘ She told the players that they — and his family — were Joe Paterno’s legacy, not a report.


Paterno, who died in earlywas never charged criminally, but three others who were at high-ranking jobs when he was coach are expected to soon report to jail to serve criminal sentences for their response to the complaint. The report was also critical of the university’s general counsel, Cynthia Baldwin. Houston fires Fredh after two seasons Houston Cougars.

The emails showed the men planned to report Sandusky to child welfare authorities but changed course after Curley met with Paterno. After his legacy was tarnished it was removed from its pedestal in The Freeh Report stated that Paterno was asked in January by the grand jury about inappropriate sexual conduct with young boys, other than the incident.

Mike McQueary took the stand again and testified that, on the night of the incident, he saw a paferno year-old Caucasian boy standing upright in the shower, facing the wall, and Jerry Sandusky directly behind him, with Sandusky’s hands wrapped around the boy’s “waist or midsection”. Geport December 3, Penn State investigation could focus on cover-up”. Archived from the original on July 16, On the evening of June 22,the jury reached its verdict, finding Sandusky guilty on 45 of the 48 counts against him.

Bradley and Schiano denied the allegations. Retrieved 22 July Inthe Second Mile shuttered and another charity took over some of its programs and assets. Paterno, who died of lung cancer inwas never charged criminally, but three others who were relort high-ranking jobs when he was coach are expected to soon report to jail to serve criminal sentences for their response to the complaint.

Dranov, a mandatory reporter of abuse because he’s a doctor, has testified repeatedly that McQueary never said he witnessed a sex act. National news outlets pilloried the school as tone-deaf.

Curley denied that McQueary reported anything of a sexual nature whatsoever and described the conduct as merely “horsing around”.