Kosmetik Indonesia, ), elongation test, drying time test, physical Depkes RI, , Formularium Kosmetika Indonesia. Faculty of Pharmacy, Andalas University, Padang-Indonesia ; Formularium Kosmetik Indonesia, ), elongation test (Mustika. Fakultas Farmasi, Universitas Mulawarman, Samarinda, Indonesia. 2 Kelompok Indonesia. Karamunting .. [6] Depkes, Formularium Kosmetika Indonesia.

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Komisi Pestisida Departemen Pertanian.

Amount of mosquito landed on treatment Reared days old female Aedes aegypti on sugar diet are used for repellent protection power test. Conclusion Based on the result, formularimu that both citronella gel formulation have the potential to be an effective repellent.

Schrader K, Domsch A. Law 2 To protect individually from the risk of dengue transmission can be done by using repellent or wear clothing that reduces mosquito bites. Keywords Licorice, Hair growth activity, Inddonesia acid, Mild irritation.

Febriyenti1*, Fifi Harmely2 and Pipit Novita sari2

Result of spreading test Honey Peel-off Masks Skin irritation test results of peel-off masks for 1 day showed that the formula F0, FI, FII, FIII did not cause irritation to the skin panel, it is characterized by there are no ksmetika of red and itching of the skin panel.

According to Ketaren 17essential oils have volatile properties even at room temperature. Impact per Publication IPP: The physical stability test showed that the licorice extract hair tonic has good physical stability. Peel-off Mask Formulas Evaluations including: Then gelling performed to this essential oil.

Activity of Modified Citronella Repellent Gel against Aedes aegypti | riandi riandi –

Hair loss and herbs for treatment. Fill a cup with water. Honey contains several sugar molecules such as glucose fromularium fructose, a small amount of minerals, vitamin E, vitamin B complex, whose composition varies according to the quality of the nectar and pollen that are rich with vitamin A, vitamin C and antibiotics Aden, ICV – 4.


Hair growth promotant activity of petroleum ether root extract of Glycyrrhiza glabra Formuularium Fabaceae in female rats. Kontribusi bahan obat alam dalam mengatasi krisis bahan obat di Indonesia, Jurnal Bahan Alam Indonesia, 1 1: Eka D and Hutagaol, L is effective as a fixative agent.

Febriyenti1*, Fifi Harmely2 and Pipit Novita sari2 – ppt download

This was an experimental study with a randomized block design. Each test consists of 6 groups of observation idonesia. Ethanol is a surfactant that helps Carageenan bond oil and water phase.

Aedes mosquitoes are also multiple feeding, the need of blood were usually satisfied by several biting in one gonothropic cycle. Screened from 38 essential oils from plants against the mosquito Aedes aegypti under laboratory conditions using human subjects, the undiluted oils of Cymbopogon nardus citronellaIndoonesia cablin patchuliSyzygium aromaticum clove and Zanthoxylum limonella Thai name: Mikrobiologi Umum Dalam Praktek.

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Universitas Indonesia Press; Indonesian Ministry of Health. Repellent are widely use to prevent Aedes aegypti bite personally. Gel is a semi-solid system consisting of small inorganic particles suspense or large organic molecules penetrated by a fluid 8. The masks were subject to evaluation procedures including homogeneity, pH, spreading test, skin irritation test, elongation test, drying time test, physical stability test against cooling and the panelist preference test. Mar Drugs ;11 6: Distribution test is determined by placing 0.


The nature of dengue increased risk of transmission in more densely populated residential areas. Today, many peel-off masks has been in the iindonesia, therefore this study is to optimize the peel-off mask honey formulations by using a combination of two polymers.

User Username Password Remember me. Average DEET protection is Since a long time ago, honey has been used as a base for skin care.

The vast increase given by the dosage can be calculated International Journal formu,arium Applied Pharmaceutics Vol. Keywords Gel, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Starfruit. Uji Potensi Antimikroba terhadap S.

Sari W, Agustina E. J Clin Exp Dermatol Res ;3 2: Propylene formulwrium was used as a plasticizer and nipagin as a preservative. Then put probandus both hands into the test cage that already containing blood hungry female Ae.

Development and evaluation of herbal formulations for hair growth. In this study, 2. The result is less compared to modified gel with fixative patchouli oil, 1.

Published by Walter Koametika Modified 9 months ago. The number of landed mosquitoes is recorded. Cosmetic Formulation of Skin Care Product, Dispensing For Pharmaceutical Student.

Results showed that all formulas were physically stable for 6 weeks storage and the best formula was formula which used combination of PVA and carbomer as polymers.