The new Fiend Folio book has an emphasis on, logically enough The Fiend Folio offers three new prestige classes D&D – Deities and Way back in TSR blew the minds of an entire generation of gamers with the crusty British oddities of the original Fiend Folio. We’ve said. INTRODUCTION FIENDISH FUN Sample fiends for use with Fiend Folio CREDITS Design: Editing: Interior Illustrations: Typesetting: Web Production: Web.

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Agellus can perform a ritual of initiation that binds cult members to his service. So, there you have it. If he gets a hold, he can also constrict foloi the same round.

Delorath has darkvision 60foot range. No additional import charges at delivery! Belshazar can see perfectly in darkness of any kind, even that created by a deeper darkness filio. Shane Clearwater rated it it was amazing Dec 30, I am hoping it goes to a good home.

D&d Fiend Folio Roleplaying D20 Dungeons Dragons Book

I really loved using this book. Once he possessed a small lake and caused it to attack those who ventured too close. This is a book worthy of any DM’s collection. Anyone touching the object must make a Will save DC 19 or fall under the fiennd of a bestow curse spell. No trivia or quizzes yet.


Retrieved 15 March Detect magic does not reveal an aura on the item, though detect evil does. This is a mind-affecting effect that originates from Shaanyra and extends find in a foot cone. Realizing that he could do the most damage by convincing others to carry out destruction, he learned to possess objects and then creatures and bend them to his will. If an initiate makes a successful saving throw, Agellus is aware that the bond was not properly formed, but this does not interrupt the ritual.

The ritual forges a magical, mental bond between Agellus and those mortals who participate. When a key mortal targeted for corruption resists the efforts of her agents, however, she sometimes takes a personal hand in the matter. The bulk of the material in the first edition came from the Fiedn gaming magazine White Dwarfrather than being authored by Gary Gygaxthe game’s co-creator.

Fiend Folio (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.0 Fantasy Roleplaying)

If either the preparation or the ritual is interrupted, the process is ruined and Agellus must start again. Kill cultist is a death effect. He now acts as though he is the creature in all respects, until he loses or relinquishes control. The Fiend Folio was released before the 3rd edition rules were revised to the 3. An initiate who wishes to resist the bond can attempt a Will saving throw DC Every creature in the area takes 3d10 points of damage Reflex DC 21 half.


It looks like the same thing is happening again. His goals can also be achieved by possessing objects that come in contact with water or people who control the waterways.

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D&D v Accessory Update Booklet

Others are new and a welcome addition to 30 game. It viend a talking ostrich with a special shriek attack. Presently, Shaanyra is personally handling the corruption of the new ruler of a small region that recently won its freedom from overlords who had enslaved its people.

Whether torn from the darkest planes of existence or spawned as blights upon the natural world, the creatures bound within these covers will challenge stalwart adventurers of every experience level. The Fiend Folio offers three new prestige classes designed especially for fiends—the fiend of blasphemy, the fiend of corruption, and the fiend of possession.