View Eric Medemar’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Eric has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn. Has anyone here done any courses by Eric Medemar? http://www. Please share some reviews, I am looking for a good wholesaling. Who Is Eric Medemar Really? 7 years Ago Eric Medemar was broke as a Joke, and had to borrow money from his mom to pay for groceries. (No, I’m not.

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Wow, Looks like we have 2 situations both explaining similar things in that they were not given a edic on a 60 day money back guarantee and both times, the excuse was the emails were out of date. Like I said, those hit or miss methods really DO work. He offered a 60 day guarantee.

Originally posted by Scottie Mcmichael: I’m always willing to own up to things if I screwed up and I did There is a lot of material included and Eric is very straight forward with his “style”.

Please can you help and be my mentor to learn this businessness. More importantly if this happens on more than 3 of every orders many processors won’t even work with you anymore. The truth is even if I wanted to be a dink and not return peoples money their credit card companies will just bust into my account and take the money out for them. Get the book now. Please share some reviews, I am looking for a good wholesaling course and would like to know before I purchase.


Hope this helps and good luck. Not as interested in the money as I am in really learning the trade. Are you fricking kidding me.

Eric Medemar Courses?

etic Sign up for this week’s free webinars hosted by experienced investors or view previously-held webinar recordings in the Archives. Write that down if you need to.

My question is what are you getting really for 97 dollars. Wholesaling REO ‘s isn’t much different medmar wholesaling any other type of property except for dealing with non-assignability clauses and I show you 3 ways to get around those. I have emailed and called him him several times and have received no response and no erc Alot of people don’t know this Its up to me to cross check the information and to put a lot of effort into my endeavors.

The material is all meat and potatoes and no fluff really. If I can do this can I get some more information please. I called the phone on the bottom of website and it was disconnected.

Eric Medemar Courses?

I’ve seen him offer free advice on this site and other investor sites for a long time. Please give me a shout back. Fri, 20 May That’s not to discourage anyone, there are many people on BP who have great advice on how to find wholesale-able houses.

You just created your account today, and we haven’t removed anything from you yet Even though Eric finally responded to my me painting a less that flattering picture and the shady charater Eric really is!!


Hey Eric, Congrats on the new baby, what a blessing huh?

The other 8 calls were not answered or either I got an answer machine, in which I opted to not leave a message. I also liked the cheaper price tag Dorkin doesn’t axe me for spamming the boards Is the information in the first one also in the second one?

Okay, maybe i’m a bit too proud of my new personal bench press record that I set this week How can I start doing this business. I just followed your lead, used the script as a guide and it worked.

Thanks a lot Russ. Hi Eric, This is a very powerful tool to have in your investors tool box.

The Truth About Eric Medemar… | Negotiation Nemesis Review

I have to say, I called about 10 numbers, that I collected from this method, and 2 said yes. I would appreciate your expertise to help me succeed. The one thing the “wholesale gurus” don’t mention is how difficult it is to find houses with equity after the market dropped so mddemar. That’s the beauty of the internet, some random dude with a chip on his shoulder can join a forum such as this, come in bash me, then go back to hiding.