The Networking Architecture of BlazeDS BlazeDS provides a clean separation of the Selection from Agile Enterprise Application Development with Flex [Book]. In this example I am going to use Spring+BlazeDS integration API for integrating backend Spring based J2EE layer into client layer Flex. So the User Interface is produced using Flex and to take care of the remoting we can use BlazeDS which is Open Source from Adobe. BlazeDS.

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Polling is very resource and network intensive.

Getting Started with BlazeDS

Caching is a timetested way of increasing performance by avoiding data fetches across the network and using pre-fetched local data instead. This file is the WebLogic application deployment descriptor and contains the shared libraries references. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Responses from BlazeDS follow the route back up from the endpoint to the channel.

There is plenty more, including use of annotations, possible for configuring Spring Beans as remoting destinations and you may want to learn more online from the Spring BlazeDS project site mentioned earlier in this paragraph.

A channel can be configured as follows: January 20, at 6: Declarations element because it is not a user interface component. Although it’s mentioned upfront that BlazeDS helps connect Flash platform applications to Java, it’s important to define it a bit further. Only a couple of quick examples are shown to give you a flavor the typical configuration elements. Next you need to create the user interface with data grids to display the regions and countries.

It simply saves the result to a variable topics. Robust Connection Non-blocking channels allow for greater number of connections to be served provided they are not all active at the same time always.


BlazeDS based message services leverage vlazeds types of built-in adapters, namely: Number; public var regionName: The web project is almost ready for deployment, now you just need to add a reference to the BlazeDS library. January 19, at 1: In web scale applications scalability is an important criteria for success. Therefore JMSAdapter comes handy when Flex clients are wired up to send and receive messages to and from enterprise systems that use JMS, whereas ActionScriptAdapter is useful for building systems like chat applications to help communicate between two Flex clients.

Configuring JPA project settings. It really helps developer to focus on only business implementation of application and forget about backend server level configuration. Non-blocking channels allow for greater number of connections to be served provided they are not all active at the same time always.

Resource Pooling Many of these external systems and libraries, such as messaging infrastructure, database connections and stateless etnerprise services, lend themselves to hlazeds. During serialization, the hlazeds eagerly fetches all the JPA and Hibernate persistent objects and sends them across the wire. Setting the Session Bean mapped name. Endpoints reside at the BlazeDS end. In the above class I have used these three basic Spring annotation tag:. Some of these are in-built, and some can be obtained from open source projects or can be custom built.

blazedz February 27, at May 15, at 7: The in-built data push mechanism has a few limitations as far as high throughput and high volume goes but there are ways to get around this shortcoming. Many of these external systems and libraries, such as messaging infrastructure, database connections and stateless business services, lend themselves to pooling. Therefore, multiple server-side messaging alternatives easily work with Flex messaging. Version 2 will use spring.


Generating a basic WebLogic domain. Usage of Java NIO provides for scalable connections as blocking connections are replaced enterpriwe non-blocking asynchronous counterparts.

Data pushing in a web application context implies the server sending data to a browser-based client without the client necessarily requesting it.

January 21, at 8: Along the way, you saw how the Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse and Flash Builder 4 can help you develop more productively.

Besides sharing state information and routing information through the clustered servers, clustering provides for channel failover support. All built-in adapter classes inherit from the ServiceAdapter abstract class. It enables debugging of the Flex application and without that you are completely lost.

Translation of Java objects returned from a server, in response to the remote method call, to corresponding AS3 objects. You can get both compiled and source versions of the software. Email required Address never made public.

Spring + BlazeDS Integration API for Flex based Enterprise Apps | ravigeek

Therefore, message producers connected to a clustered server instance can send messages to message consumers connected to a different server within the same cluster. String; public var region: January 19, at 5: Further, because Enterprise JavaBeans is an industry standard, there are plenty of resources and books available to help developers get started.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Total number of jar files in lib folder are Channels and endpoints connect a Flex client to a BlazeDS server. The binding of channels and endpoints to their implementation classes and their pairing is done in the services-config.

Setting an Eager Fetch on the Region entity.