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You will notice that I have turned off everything that is not essential for this test.

18F458 Datasheet PDF

Mon Mar 14, 1: Below is a list of the test programs written to date. It connects via the serial cable to the computer and through its build-in connector to the programming port on each stack board.

If successful, your program should be functioning properly on your PIC. Tue Mar 15, Below is a quick outline of the majority of the information you’ll need to begin programming the 18F PIC on your stack.

It might not be working.

Then, you really see what you’re reading from the eeprom. CCS does not monitor this forum on a regular basis.


This final piece of hardware powers the WARP board, and must be connected in order for anything to work. When you’re done writing your code, you can then create a HEX file which you will then send to your PIC microcontroller via the next piece of software.

You should use a much more simple program, such as the one shown below. For example, don’t use the 4x PLL mode. It’s better to send the ascii hex value to the terminal, datashedt I’m doing in the program below.

Datassheet Aires la Reina del Plata. Mon Mar 14, 2: But now also check with hyperterminal problem is same. Again, although this tutorial was not written with the 18F PIC in mind, it’s still a good read on the subject. You will not be able to program if either of them are powered off.

CCS :: View topic – 18F Problem

Tue Mar 15, 3: But those are the only changes I made. But how do you know that? T 41 42 Once you get this program working, then experiment with the protection settings.


No other type will work properly if the red LED is on, you know the adapter is working. I would suggest reading through this in its entirety before even attempting to program in assembly. Upon opening your HEX file, be sure to make the appropriate configurations as outlined below:. Using this software and the programmer explained belowyou’ll physically send your code to the PIC. Mon Mar 14, 3: I’m using PCH vs. Do NOT print this; we have a copy in the lab. The following program should display: Also, your program is too complex.

I get this output: Please do not post bug Reports on this forum. This program is exactly the same as the one above with one exception: This piece of hardware serves as the bridge between your powered stack and the software datasheeg on your computer.