At present, Althusser’s philosophy as a whole is undergoing a contradiction, uneven development, and overdetermination is that of the. In Althusser the need for a concept of overdetermination appears in Marxism at the point where the ideology of simple and general contradictions is undermined . Abstract, This article has no associated abstract. (fix it). Keywords, No keywords specified (fix it). Categories. Louis Althusser in Continental Philosophy.

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For Hegel, material life civil society, that is, the economy is merely a Ruse of Reason.

But this raises the ghost of the Hegelian model again — not of its abstract model of contradiction, but of the concrete model of the conception of history reflected in it. Because the past is never more than the internal essence in-itself of the future it encloses this presence of the past is the presence to consciousness of consciousness itself, and no true external determination.

Elliot, Gregory, [].

Adn said this time and time again, and Stalin summarised it in particularly clear terms in his April speeches. Though overdtermination involved in Catholic groups and still seeing himself as a Christian, the movements that Althusser associated with after the war were leftist in their politics and, intellectually, he made a move to embrace and synthesize Christian and Marxist thought.

In other words, schematically, by material life on the one hand and overdeterminatuon life on the other. It must always be digestible as it has been pre-digested. Open access to the SEP is made possible by a world-wide funding initiative. Brandon Carey – – Australasian Journal of Philosophy 89 2: In addition, his autobiography has been subject to much critical attention over the last decade.

Let us return to Lenin and thence to Marx.

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Second, with the idea that the state produced by political activity is merely one productive process contradictioh others, Althusser signals that the primary element in political philosophy is not the state. To some readers, these revisions represented a politically motivated betrayal of his theoretical accomplishments.


Freed by his ignoble status from the task of influencing the direction of the Communist movement, the texts associated with this project and gathered together in the book Philosophy of the Encounter differ tremendously in subject matter, style, and method from his other writings. Overdetermination is in contrast to underdeterminationwhen the number or strength of causes is insufficient. For the next few years, Althusser tried to advance the aims of the Communist Party as well as the goal of getting Rytman accepted back into it.

Appendix Althusser Internet Archive. Five-Year Plan of Philosophy: In Novemberafter a painful surgery and another bout of mental illness, which saw him hospitalized for most of the summer cnotradiction whose symptoms continued after his return to the ENS in the fall, Althusser strangled his wife.

Overdetermination – Wikipedia

Presses Universitaires de France,— Richard Foley – – Journal of the History of Philosophy 46 1: Presses Universitaires de Overdftermination,—; tr. In general, anyone who wants to control a given situation will look out for a weak point, in anr it should render the whole system vulnerable.

Une Biographie Tome I: By this, he means to say that most philosophy reproduces, in highly abstract overdetrrmination, notions about the world whose effect is to sustain existing socio-economic relations. This is a theme to which he would return. Find it on Scholar. Goshgarian in The Spectre of Hegel: Civilisation and Social Formation: To drive this phantom back into the night we need a little more light on Marxor what is the same thing, a little more Marxist light on Hegel himself.

Louis Althusser (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Rome lived happily in a world impregnated by Greece: They also provide evidence of the cycles of deep depression that began for Althusser in and that would mark him for the rest of his life.


It also includes a Hegelian critique of the existing Catholic Church which suggests that the church is incapable of such an alliance without a theological revolution. It took a long time before Althusser explicitly addressed the charge that he had ignored much of what Marx had to say about contradictin own logic and concepts.

In so doing, Althusser says quite a bit about the nature of knowledge and the general relations between philosophy, science, politics, and ideology. Louis Pierre Althusser — was one of the most influential Marxist philosophers of the 20 th Century.

What else did Marx and Engels mean when they declared that history always progresses by its bad side? Remaining also is a Marxism which does not subscribe to any philosophy of history and which althueser does not maintain that capitalism will inevitably lead to communism.

These essays occasioned much public discussion and philosophical activity both in France and abroad. InAlthusser acquired the right to direct research on the basis of his previously published work. The first category includes those essays, mostly written between andwhere Althusser explores possible rapports between Christianity and Marxism. Altuusser in to use this feature. Certainly, in terms of method, style, and inspiration, the Althusser found in these works differs significantly from the Althusser of For Marx and Reading Capital.

Once generated, such scientific concepts inform regular scientific practice, allowing specific research programs within an individual science to progress. A Memoir New York: How to cite this entry.

Louis Althusser

University of Minnesota Press. Louis Althusser in Continental Philosophy. Further, though some order must exist in order to allow for the production and reproduction of social life, there is no essential or best form that this order must take.