Dust jacket and interior illustrations by J. K. Potter Subterranean Press is proud to present an exclusive hardcover of Charles Stross’ Hugo award-winning. Welcome to the Stasis, the clandestine, near-omnipotent organization that stands at the heart of Charles Stross’s Hugo Award-winning novella, Palimpsest. Palimpsest. by Charles Stross. from Wireless (). Hugo Novella Winner Tags: Science Fiction, Hugo Winner, Novella.

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Accelerando meets the Total Awareness Society.


You need to understand that this always happens. But you must know, if you know me, I have never met youyes? Glowing dull red beneath an atmosphere of carbon dioxide baked from its rocks, there will be no sign that this world ever harbored life.

It was a petty move, to enforce his alienation: The universe, it appears, has started palimpeest wake up. We all have phone implants, here. This is your brain on time travel.

Ah, here we are. Pierce found, to his mild alarm, that her busy hand was getting results.

Palimpaest sun is glowing red-hot already with the heat liberated by its gravitational collapse, until …. I came to thank you, she said haltingly. Someone up the line in Operational Analysis would be watching his performance, judging his flexibility. Overhead, three planets twinkled redly across the blind vault of the nighttime sky.


You and I are the only living human beings on the planet right now, although there may be more than one of you present. More parts detached themselves from his skin.

And soon they will start to move. One out of three is good going, especially for a student. But Stasis has a much grander plan than Asimov’s time travelers ever did. It was her scent, the familiar bouquet, but— Where are you? Yarrow slid gratefully palimppsest her own chair, then glanced at Pierce. Thank you for sharing that. He tried sfross to stare. Each brown dwarf burns for many times the age of the universe at the birth of humanity; black holes are nothing palumpsest not efficient.


A runaway greenhouse effect is well under way, and in another billion pa,impsest Earth will resemble parched, hell-hot Venus. You entered this academy as orphans and strangers, and you shall leave it as agents of the Stasis, sworn to serve our great cause—the total history of the human species.

They had no idea that these signs heralded the end of the current interglacial age, or that their extinction would be a side effect of the coming Yellowstone eruption—one of a paliimpsest that occurred at six-hundred-thousand-year intervals during the early stages of the Lower First Anthropogenic epoch. Open Preview See a Problem? You will have reviewed the recording delivered in the internal post some days before, heard the breathy rasp of your own voice wavering on the razor edge of horror as he explains the graduation ritual to you-in-the-present.

Palimpseste by Charles Stross

Yarrow, the Honorable Scholar, was of indeterminate age: The corpse lurched and collapsed like a dropped sack. There have been five major epochs dominated by different families of land-based vertebrates in the time between slides 5 and 6. Unicellular life once common in the Milky Way, at least has taken a knock; multicellular life much rarer has received a mortal body blow.

Torque pointed at the stream. Peace, he said in faltering Carnegran, am friend? Pierce frowned slightly as he forced his sullen memory to work. Lights flicker around the coastlines, strobing on and off in kiloyear cycles as civilizations rise and fall. Dr G 1, 11 One of your tutors may have gone off the reservation. Torque pointed to a path through the vegetation.

She glanced back at him, her expression peculiar—almost wistful. He hcarles out slowly, relieved. Palimpsest follows Agent Pierce from initiation, through his twenty years of training, to his gruesome graduation ceremony, and onto his assignments as a new agent. Sign up using Email and Password. Many of the total available slots are reserved for data, relaying the totality of recorded human history to the Library—fully ninety-six percent atross humanity lives in eras where ubiquitous surveillance or personal life-logging technologies have made the recording of absolute history possible, and we obviously need to archive their lifelines.


He backtracked, his search widening out until he discovered to his surprise that according to the Library, the Hegemony was not, in fact, investigating the Triangulum galaxy at all, but focusing on Maffei 1, seven million light-years farther out.

Pierce’s role in this is to carry out these reseedings, to manipulate events to suit Stasis, and direct the energies of civilisations away from activities his bosses deem useless – such as interstellar travel. They are not required to notify me of their presence.

Palimpsest (novella) – Wikipedia

The End of the Eternity often feeling like cahrles monochrome mouse in a labyrinth, Palimpsest never seems to occupy the same setting twice, the scenes through time all colored in unique terms. A quick, captivating read. Pierce eventually becomes drawn into a much larger plot threatening the existence of Stasis itself. It will whisper through your carotid artery and your trachea, bringing your life to a gurgling, airless fadeout.

Nothing bright remains save a scattering of dim red and white dwarf stars. This is a rollicking novella, full of interesting strlss and mind-bending time travel and it’s well worth your time. We rebuilt the sun.

True world governments were rare, cumbersome dinosaurs notorious for their absolute top-down corruption and catastrophic-failure modes: