This adventure is designed for and fully compatible with the Castles & Crusades ® Role Playing Game and the Castle Zagyg: Yggsburgh adventure and. Castle Zagyg: The Upper Works — or, more precisely, Gary Gygax’s Castle Zagyg: The Upper Works — is the coda that brings the symphony of. As I noted in Part II, I like Castle Zagyg: The Upper Works. I believe it’s a very fine product and well worth the money I spent on it. I also think it’s.

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Had TUW been more clear about its purposes, I might have been more willing to accept it for what it cqstle. Will you cry when Gygax Games announces they are releasing Castle Gygax for 4ed? Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Ideally, though, cawtle would be an addendum to a more polished product, created with extensive help from those most familiar with Casyle mega-dungeon.

Alas, it never will be, at least not by TLG — and that’s deeply frustrating. Newer Post Older Post Home. Jim Ward notes that, in the original Greyhawk campaign, the Upper Works occupied very little of the players’ attention, because the subterranean levels azgyg far more lucrative and intriguing. The Upper Works hits a sweet spot that neither of my preferences would have done. Here lay his apothecaries, his conservatory, and solarium. UW, but I do like the concept of using the best material from all of the sources to detail my own version of the Castle.

This, hopefully, would make the product of interest to old farts like myself and those younger players who have less interest in such things.

I totally passed on TUW because I saw it wasn’t shrink-wrapped. The fiend was imprisoned there for at least years, but eventually freed by a wizard and a cleric probably Erac’s Cousin and his adventuring companion Ayelerach.


Customers who viewed this item also viewed. I have no issues with a lack of shirink-wrap. As it is, what we have is a solid — dare I say “workmanlike?

Even I, for all my complaints and nitpicks, can’t grade it too harshly. Were it not for the fact that the Upper Works are all that have been described, I rather suspect that most adventuring parties would imitate their Lake Geneva predecessors and delve deeper, lured on by the promise of sights more exciting than endless humanoid barracks and store rooms.

The presentation seems to be aimed more at newcomers, while the name for the line seems to have been an attempt to draw in old timers looking to get a peek into the legendary dungeons beneath Castle Greyhawk. In those products, Kuntz sagyg only presented a reconstruction of material from his days as co-DM of the Greyhawk campaign, but also commentary on the origins of this material and how it was used, including reminiscences of events from those days. But we’ve tragically lost his bright light.

I didn’t attend GenCon this year cxstle so I waited to see TUW in one of my local game stores or available for order through an online retailer that didn’t treat shipping to Canada as if it were shipping to Antarctica. It’d be an invaluable historical document from one of the oldest RPG campaigns and would provide some insights into the mind of one of the co-creators of the fastle. First off, I do want to say that I appreciate what the Troll Lords castl.

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Castle Zagyg : Yggsburgh, Volume 1

Beyond the town proper are detailed over 30 encounter areas. Get all the old hands that can be found who adventured in Gary’s Castle Greyhawk dungeons. I am castl I have the product, I am glad that I ahve a bit of history in my hands, I am glad the Troll Lords finally published it, but at the same time I can not shake the feeling that it is a vastle product, when it should have been an awesome product.


It’s lacking both in the expansiveness necessary to make me overlook its disconnection from history and in historical depth to make me overlook its smallness.

Castle Zagyg | Setting | RPGGeek

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Nevertheless, the lack of shrink-wrap suggested to me a kind of slapdash approach that I feared might carry over to the contents of the boxed set itself. Of castlw he never went in that direction. Yes, these notes will be bewildering and to a large extent incomprehensible.

Would you like to tell us about a lower ccastle Yggsburgh comprises square miles of adventuring terrain, complete with all the information players and DMs need. I mean, he even had to give up being a weekly Game Master at the table.

Its stout walls and cobbled ways give ample refuge to those bold and worthy adventurers who come to the Four Tors to plunder the dungeon deeps of the Mad Mage or die valiantly in the effort.

I cashle with your assessment on the overall quality of the product, and that really leaves me with the feeling that they could have done more. I never really discussed this with him at length. Gygax Games has one more chance to fulfill the promise this megadungeon holds. I’ve gotten exactly three boxed products from Troll Lord Games and only one of them zgayg shrink-wrapped.