La caméra-stylo. Alexandre Astruc. “What interests ine in the cinema is abstraction.’ (Orson Welles). One casinot help noticing that something is happening in the. Influenced by the introduction of the revolutionary 16mm film technology; French Filmmaker and critic Alexandre Astruc predicted a. Alexandre Astruc’s canonical essay, ‘The Birth of a New Avant-Garde: La Caméra -Stylo’ (), is considered a key precursor in the study of cinematic.

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Alexandre Astruc

Astruc bornnow 92 had already published a first novel Les Vacances, when he wrote this essay. Trackbacks […] Media astrc was once the domain of specialized individuals working in specialized organizations. However, Astruc indicates that each film has to create its own style through the director, as their role is no longer just a matter of presenting a scene, but writing it through the cameras lens.

This is due to the basic fact that all films are projected in an auditorium. I will even go so far as to say that contemporary ideas and philosophies of life are such that only the cinema can do justice to them. For more, see Bernard Stiegler trans.

A representative sample from one of his Paris-Match pieces on Howard Hawks gives a flavor of the later Astruc: What he makes clear is czmera extent to which even the work of Gilles Deleuze largely ignores this dimension of the medium: The introduction of VHS-VCR technology and videotape recorders allowed amateur filmmakers to create their own content.

To the extent that this notion of the camera-pen is a metaphor, Astruc can be seen to be making a very similar — in fact, interchangeable — argument with Bazin in his piece on Welles and Citizen Kane. Astruc writes the future of cinema will revolve around the director as auteur, which was an important idea behind the French New Wave.

Show 25 25 50 All. Influenced by the introduction of the revolutionary 16mm film technology; French Filmmaker and critic Alexandre Astruc predicted a breakthrough in patterns of production and distribution styylo the moving picture. But there was the possibility that this might occur, through this individual encounter with technics. He created a new persona for himself as a rather cranky cultural commentator. By it I mean that the cinema will gradually break free from the tyranny of the visual, from the image for its own sake, from the immediate and concrete demands of the narrative, to become a means of writing just as flexible and camefa as written language.


Astruc begins his essay asturc suggesting that something qualitatively new is happening in the cinema. This of course implies that the scriptwriter directs his own scripts; or rather, that the scriptwriter ceases astrcu exist, for in this kind of film-making the distinction between author and director loses all meaning.

Video production technology was only available to those in the industry as it was so expensive, bulky and also was made of a highly flammable nitrate base which limited production and distribution.


Through services like YouTube and Vimeo there is an audience for all genres and directors for film like never before. Descartes, we could say, had an instrumentalist view in regards to technology: One cannot help noticing that something is happening in the cinema at the moment. In fact, from the mids, he retreated into television, emerging rarely into feature film territory. University of California Press,p.

It was while he was in prison that he began studying and practicing philosophy through a series of ascetic reading and writing exercises. This is not to say that the majority of works produced in the past ten years have attempted to utilise technics in such a fashion; quite the contrary, for the most part, the majority of users simply wish to replicate the cinematic and televisual forms that they are familiar with, and which they recognise however falsely as their own.

In the end, she sacrifices both men for her independence. To the contrary, cinema must continue to develop its own non-linguistic form of language, which does not necessarily discount speech or the written word as if this were possiblebut neither does it rely on speech or words as the primary source of cognitive engagement and understanding. Astruc, makes the claim that as cinema is able to create a tangible relationship between the character and audience it is able to become a vehicle of thought.

The Poetics Of Cyberspace … Continue reading.



There is always going to be an Avant-Garde as cinema has the ability to always evolve. But the cinema cannot but develop. Hence, the subtitle of volume three: The theme, a feminist one, concerned a wife Annie Girardotwho tires of merely being a social camerw to her husband and finds an outlet by running an art gallery and taking a lover.

Oddly enough, a similar thing happens in Stiegler, for even as he promises to address cinema in volume three of Technics and Timevamera focus is less on films or filmmakers, or on the aesthetic potential of the medium, than on developing a sophisticated, but also largely negative, argument about cinema as an emblematic instance of the capture of modern technics by forces of power and control.

But Astruc does not stop there. Cinematic Time and the Question of Malaise. The cinema cannot but develop. Cannot be reprinted without permission of the author and editors. Instincts on Trump University Keston Sutherland. This metaphor has a very precise sense.

Cinema languages is going to keep evolving, and is able to express any kind of reality. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. It is exactly this contact, according to Astruc, that allows us to discuss cinema not simply in terms of art but also philosophy: Today, the trend is towards media production and dissemination becoming a core competency of every organization, as well as every individual.

The evolution of mankind over ayear period does not occur despite technology but because of it. To state it plainly—and to correct the many manglings of this appearing in the obituaries—Astruc was asgruc the inventor of the auteur theory. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. You are commenting using your WordPress.

How can one tell? The development of the relationship between society and the individual in the 20th century has been actualized with the introduction of the Internet as a communication channel. Reprinted online at Kino Slang: Remember Eisenstein’s famous statement: