The buccinator is a thin quadrilateral muscle occupying the interval between the maxilla and the mandible at the side of the face. It forms the anterior part of the. The buccinator mechanism was investigated by injecting alginate into the buccal space of volunteers and examining the set shape, and by dissection of. (b) The buccinator mechanism during activity. The oral screen is placed predentally and stimulates the sensory input by touching the intra-oral membranes (V).

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As in other minipig studies, 2123 feeding behavior on solid food consisted of periods of food collection 0. Moin K, Bishara SE.

The buccinator mechanism.

Even pig chow was only eaten by 5 of the 6 animals, apple by 4, and the other foods only by Table 2. These transducers have a stiff diaphragm with a semiconductor strain gauge affixed to the interior, a frequency response of 2.

During food gathering, the orbicularis oris muscles are strongly active and the buccinators show weak irregular activity. This situation is reminiscent of the attachment of buccinator fibers to the parotid duct in humans, which Kang et al.

In previous studies with these instruments 2829 we have noted that if the transducer is not absolutely flat against the bone and immobilized, the measured pressure is underestimated. This conclusion is in accord with the clear separation of buccinator and orbicularis oris motor pools within the facial nucleus.

In addition to controlling the bolus, there may be an effect on salivation. Most ran anteroposteriorly, especially in the middle part of the muscle, but vertical and mediolateral fibers were also apparent Fig. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop. Buccinator contraction does thicken the cheek, and during mastication this activity takes place just as the closing stroke begins. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

The anterior part of the buccinator was very superficial and the most superficial fibers were vertically oriented.

The parasagittal histological sections revealed a surprisingly complex arrangement of buccinator fibers. A postero-anterior videofluorographic buccinaor of the intra-oral management of food mechanjsm man. Conclusions Buccinator contraction does thicken the cheek, and during mastication this activity takes place just as the closing stroke begins.


EMG for drinking orange juice compared to mastication orange slices inthe only pig that drank. During feeding, baseline loading approximated 0 in all animals, and changes from this level were always positive, i. In a terminal experiment, buccinator dimensions and alveolar loading were recorded along with EMG.

Dutra1, 2 Paulo H. The different activity patterns of the buccinator and orbicularis oris clearly relate to their different roles during feeding in pigs. Tetanic pressure increases at the attachment area 7. Weijs WA, Dantuma R. This is a PDF file of an unedited manuscript that has been accepted for publication.

It is usually described as having predominantly horizontal fibers arising from the pterygomandibular raphe and buccunator the alveolar bone of the maxilla and mandible and running anteriorly to interdigitate with the fibers of the orbicularis oris in the corner of the mouth. The buccinator, a muscle innervated by the facial nerve, forms the lateral wall of the oral cavity in mammals.

Because of the close relationship of the buccinator with the orbicularis oris, EMG of this muscle was examined as mevhanism. Measurements of cyclic changes were made by subtracting the baseline from the peak values for each chewing cycle.

As illustrated in Figure 1the anterior crystal was positioned close to the commissure of the lips and the posterior close to the masseter.

Anteroposterior length and mediolateral thickness of the buccinator were evaluated with implanted sonomicrometry crystals, and pressure was measured by flat transducers placed beneath the mandibular origin of the buccinator. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Procerus Nasalis dilator naris Depressor septi nasi Levator labii superioris alaeque nasi.

The buccinator mechanism.

Teng S, Herring SW. The surgical procedures were identical mmechanism the 6 pigs and were performed bilaterally. More likely, however, pig chow, which is an agglomerate of smaller particles, formed a more predictable and cohesive bolus than any of our more natural mecuanism offerings. Oblique inferior superior Rectus superior inferior medial lateral Levator palpebrae superioris superior tarsal. Insofar as one can extrapolate from miniature pigs to humans, these results suggest that the use of buccal shields to relieve pressure on the dental arches from active buccinator contraction is valid.


This proximity raises the possibility of a functional relationship. Most likely, the muscle functions by thickening the entire cheek, basically acting as a muscular hydrostat. Commons category link buccknator on Wikidata Wikipedia articles with TA98 identifiers. Transition from suckling to drinking at weaning: During apple mastication, the buccinator on both sides shows an additional peak of activity coinciding with the end of the jaw-closer burst arrows.

The buccinator during mastication: a functional and anatomical evaluation in minipigs

Pressure 0 to 40 kPaproduced using a blood pressure bulb, was plotted against voltage output. Because of this, and because working and balancing sides could mechanisj be distinguished in the sonometric files, chewing sides were combined for Table 1.

The only vertical fibers were extremely superficial and anteriorly located. Small salivary glands were interspersed within the buccinator in intimate relationship to the muscle fibers.

It aids whistling and smilingand in neonates it is used to mechanjsm. Buccinator outlined in red. This page was last mehcanism on 27 Novemberat Buccinator activity is higher but less regular with apple, and the difference between working and balancing activity is bkccinator clear.

Drinking, as in other studies, 20 — 22 occurred by suction. The high values for stimulated contraction probably reflect not only the increased force produced by the tetanized muscle, but also more stable recording conditions. Third, even when the muscle was passive, the higher resting pressure seen in prone anesthetized animals compared to the standing awake baseline was correlated with a shorter anteroposterior length of the buccinator.