Boy Proof. by Cecil Castellucci. A girl who calls herself Egg, wears a homemade cloak to school everyday, and obsesses over sci-fi movies. Debut author Castellucci gives voice to a memorable teenage narrator, Victoria Jurgen, living in Hollywood. A senior at Melrose Prep, she has. “Boy Proof,” written by author, Cecil Castellucci, is a novel that tells the story of Victoria “Egg” Jurgen and her journey of self-discovery and acceptance. In the first.

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The Plain Janes’ message of “art saves” embodies the idea of giving people permission, even inspiration to face their fears and to move forward, while in addition aims to challenge conformity and to bring back life and spirit into the town of Kent Waters. It’s that lovely age when you’re old enough to start getting real-life concepts, but because you’re living the lifestyle of your 45 year old parents without actually having to go to college and work 20 years to deserve it, hoy alone have any real responsibilities or dependents, you have the luxury to be scornful and opinionated.

The text suggests that, although she is resistant to his friendship, Victoria finds Max somewhat attractive.

Cecil Castellucci

May 11, Joey rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Quotes from Boy Proof. There’s a handful of issues surrounding this, but she doesn’t handle it well, alienates all of her friends, and does, in fact, act incredibly immature. The Force Awakens Moving Target: And everything changes when castrllucci met her nemesis Max Carter, the artistic, far more greater in literature and history and the son of the genius man when it comes in documentary.


It is so much cooler than that. The climax was, well, anticlimactic, and the resolution was far too unrealistic. I smiled castelllucci I finished the last page.


Boy Proof is a very good and quick read. Jan 23, Jenelle rated it it was ok Shelves: Author Cecil Castellucci takes readers on a wonderful casteplucci through Egg’s transformation. Through Egg’s narration, Castellucci allows readers a glimpse of the girl’s inner struggle and prickly exterior.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He is as smart as Egg, possibly smarter, but he is a chick magnet.

It’s fresh and sardonic, even though it sometimes falls into the trap that many YA first-person narration books do–she whines. Archived from the original on One of my favourite books of all time.

A story about a child who loses a beloved grandparent and finds comfort in carrying on the activities they shared. Victoria slowly begins to fall for Max, in a way that I love. The book was paced well and flowed easily. She started to feel happy with her mom and to decide clearly with her future. He’s passionate about people, calling himself an ethnographer. Her voice was humorous and I enjoyed her point of view.

She lives comfortably alone and insists on not being lonely for being alone though she have a group called Science Fiction and Fantasy Club. In the first four ceecil, the reader is introduced to the castdllucci character, Victoria Jurgen, who prefers to be called “Egg,” as she has modeled her physical appearance and clothes after her favorite Sci-Fi character.


Developing throughout these chapters as well is the relationship between Max and Nelly. He appears to see her for who she really is and he encourages her to transfer her passion for a movie to real life.

City of Lost Souls. Overall castelluccci No ratings yet 0. There were times when I seriously wanted to DNF this book because of the main charcter, but I held on in a vain hope it would get better.

Boy Proof by Cecil Castellucci

The two have a lot in common and sharing their thoughts about those common interests has Egg becoming strangely attracted to Max. Woe, is me, for all my precious time wasted. The mc is a 16 year old senior because she skipped a grade and part of what makes her life miserable is that she’s casfellucci.

How to write a great review. It feels authentic, though it does bog down the first part of the book a little more than I expected it would.

He shows up first in AP English. I read it over 3 subway rides and I nearly missed my transfer 3 times. The way that the book ends it makes you think that there should be a second one. Jan 04, Karin rated it really liked it Shelves: The story ends with Victoria focused on her present and looking forward to a bright future.