By Janine Benyus. First published in , this profound and accessible book details how science is studying nature’s best ideas to solve our toughest. Biomimicry has ratings and reviews. Smellsofbikes said: I want to like this book, and I agree with her underlying theses. I enjoy reading all t. This profound and accessible book, written by Biomimicry co-founder Janine Benyus, details how designers and scientists are studying nature’s genius to.

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However, I once again started to feel bogged down by the overload of biology that went with the concepts.

This is a must read if you are a designer, artist or lover of science. The book is inspiring for those with the love of biology and engineering. Benyus has authored six books on biomimcryincluding Biomimicry: She lives in Stevensville, Montana. Retrieved August 26, If chaos theory transformed our view of the universe, biomimicry is transforming our life on Earth.

Benyus is criticized for not getting all the technical details right as she There is also a part about making materials like spider silk and rhinoceros horn.

The book is split into several sections, each answering a question of how we will tackle an obstacle of our life if we no longer follow the rules of a modern society, bneyus instead follow only the rules of nature. This page benuys last edited on 16 Novemberat You know, cuz of ev’lution and all.

After reading it, there are many advancements that have been developed since then and a second book could easily be made with the new technologies.

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Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature by Janine M. Benyus

Reading this book was depressing. The section of the book on food has things worth thinking about. Innovation Inspired by Nature, ever since. Quite ofte Before I read this book, the only thing I knew of Biomimicry was from a short film on YouTube that piqued my interest. I appreciate natural beauty and an elegant design solution as much as the next guy, and clearly natural designs often demonstrate extreme economy of necessity.


She is a graduate of Rutgers with degrees in forestry and writing and has lectured widely on science topics. HarperCollinsMay 21, – Science – pages.

Great concepts, but much of what she preaches feels like old news by now. It talked about finding natural medicines by watching how animals heal themselves; what they eat when they have a parasite infection for example. Oct 17, Petite rated it it was amazing Shelves: Benyus No preview available – I had to return it to the library before I was able to finish, but I consider my decent skim to constitute completion.

I ended up skimming a bit in hopes of just gaining the larger idea.

The result is that although I am not professing to be a born again scientist, I have broadened and slightly bjomimicry my understanding of how and why basic processes such as Photosynthesis are so amazing to us. Benyus is at her best describing the elegance of certain natural processes and how scientists in some fields are using nature as a model and nature as mentor. She serves on a number of land use committees in her rural county, and is president of Living Education, a nonprofit dedicated to place-based living and learning.

Just a good read!

Janine Benyus

The book Biomimicry was written in and the science is a little stale, but the idea is still very interesting. Didi mentioned that, in addition to smoking elephant dung! It is really interesting but also janie scientific, which was never my strongest subject!! You should still pick up this book. The cure for cancer may lie in an undiscovered plant being burnt in the amazon for agricultural purposes.

Biomimicry has an interesting idea and the author did a lot of research, but it would be better without nearly as much detail about how proposed processes work.

Dec 07, Nathan Albright rated it did not like it Shelves: Jul 29, Hao Ca Vien rated it it was amazing. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with her vision, I think her intended method of carrying it out is faulty at best. The first chapter of this book should be mandatory curriculum in This was where I started to feel like I was in a time warp, as she talked about the biological computers and suggested that early version may be available in the next 5 years or so The author does bring out some good points about the drawbacks of conventional computing and there are some fantastic ideas, such as shape computing, evolving computer code, using a molecule from bacteria to compute based on light input, and solving difficult problems with tubes of DNA.


How will we feed ourselves? I want to like this book, and I agree with her underlying theses.

I understood the basic concepts she was getting at, but some of the higher-level scientific jargon or in-depth explanations kind of deterred me from finishing it as quickly as I could have. Jul 23, Apoorv Gupta rated it really liked it. Mar 12, Anggia Widhi rated it liked it. Science stands on its own, but choosing soothing words to support your ideas is putting the prop in propaganda.

Given that the reader continually harps on the high level of design and skill it takes merely to mimic creation, it is striking that she is entirely blind to the intelligence and skill it took to create the same facets of plant and animal life that she views with such rapturous pleasure. I enjoyed it because it encourages the reader to question current human practices, in that we tend to fight nature versus seek out potential synergy with it.

They are revolutionising how we invent, compute, heal ourselves, harness energy, repair the environment, and feed the world. NC by Janine M. I’ve had a huge rapprochement with bio and nature lately, and this book really hit the spot. Added to this was the inability of the author to recognize fundamental truths about design and creation that were staring her in the face and that were painfully obvious to me as a reader [1].

It’s quite extraordinary to see so many disciplines and ways of thinking brought together in the name of learning from nature in order to design, produce, and manufacture in a sustainable way.

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