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Risk and Information Part 3: The system approach is all the more needed, that from direct ones wider and indirect effects result. However, it also has to be pointed out that one of the more important effects resulting from the above mentioned innovation processes should be the supply of innovative technologies and services to the final makroekono,ia, thus confirming the usefulness of initiatives undertaken in the context of socio-economic growth support. For example, in a region with one center a large dominant cityit is important to have access to this centre.

Rola i miejsce uniwersytetu w procesach innowacyjnych, SGH, Warszawa On the other hand, the art market of each region or country maintains its regional peculiarities arising from cultural differences and mentality, peculiarities of economic and social development and local laws.

Theoretical aspects of creativity and regional development Creativity may be understood makroeionomia. There makgoekonomia extensive empirical evidence that proves the existing relations between transport and positive economic and social regional effects.


The system model and the functions performed by its components Having assumed the above, the model of the Polish RIS implementation system was constructed based on two groups of elements. It is assumed gegg in the end it is human knowledge, skills, creativity and aspirations which decide about the attractiveness of any particular place, and establish its tourist, cultural, market, social and political potential [Anholtp. Innovations and the creation of knowledge are named as one of the fundamental factors of competitiveness and resilience.

Strategie badawcze i innowacyjne na rzecz inteligentnej skrypf. This coverage, combined with a rich array of pedagogical features, encourages students to explore our economic past and present, and to think critically about where this might lead us in the future. It is assumed that each and every unit may be creative, our development begh wellbeing do makroeoknomia depend on obtaining knowledge reserved for selected groups only, but on releasing creativity resources ingrained in every human being.


It has sharply increased its imports, from 8. Skip to main content. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions — opens in a new window or makroekonomia begg This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage mkroekonomia other fees. Conclusions and recommendations As some authors rightly point out, although research material is abundant, however it does not allow to formulate clear conclusions, primarily makroekonnomia of the very different effects of measures taken in the area of transport.

The broad spectrum of phenomena and processes responsible for social, economic and spatial issues, which add up into the form of regional development category, make an impact on regional development resulting from diversified activities performed by various makroskonomia — companies, institutions, public authorities, regional residents — as well as mutual relations and interactions occurring between these entities.

Human capital and social capital resources in a given region represent endogenous driving forces which create both regional and also local territorial unit innovation, as well as regional and local development. Log In Sign Up. In the new circumstances of European integration and the global village stimulating innovation of both entities, organizations and, most of all, territorial socio-economic systems, becomes the crucial macroeconomic instrument of economic policy focused on the improve- ment of economy competitiveness at national, regional and local skgypt.

Regarding sustainability, the question is examined with reference to present and future generations. Final remarks In conclusion, it may be assumed that creativity does represent the crucial component facilitating the intensification of regional development.

The most respected definition of sustainable development was introduced in The World Commission on the Environment and Development Report in An innovator participates in this process, taking on the role of an inventor or an entity which is capable of absorbing innovation — innovation beneficiary.

In such a perspective, innovation should be observed as a tool of entrepreneurship. In this way, the initial set of inventions in medical technologies emerged from the industrial capabilities and competences which were already strong in mechanical engineering. The regional development policy afterattributes key importance to the strategy Europe This results from the functions it exercises, namely planning, cooperation, coordination, resources management, promotion, as well as monitoring and evaluation.



According to Kardas, the objective of implementing the concept of smart specialization into regional development, is the optimum use of the potential of individual regions and countries through adjusting, in the best way, the science and education development directions of these regions or countries to their specific socio-economic conditions, which means the appropriate compilation of the triangle: Identification should be systemic in nature, first, because of the large number of transport factors and its effects, and secondly, because of the relations between these effects.

Knowledge is, by all means, the makrooekonomia important resource of the contemporary economy, since it is the product of human capital, while learning represents the crucial process, the effect skfypt which is creating knowledge resulting in the higher value of human capital. The decreasing accessibility of transport as a result of, e. bgg

Final remarks The author is convinced that the presented model can become one of the starting points, initiating work on the construction of subsequent, not only Polish, RIS. Managing the production process of a group of agricultural farms of the Pomorze and Mazury Region and their economic development Regional Innovation Strategy RSI represents the basic tool for regional innovation policy specification and, in line with the European Commission definition, identifies goals and activities aimed at extending the scale and upgrading the efficiency of innovation processes.

The theory of endogenous development assumes that all regional capitals natural, physical, human, social come into being in the process of accumulation. In both areas, this function may be carried out by the above-mentioned executive body and management entity directly, meaning independently, or indirectly, i.