This self-study course is designed to be taken at your convenience and on your own schedule. You have 90 days to finish the course from the time of purchase. Readed, ASME B Surface Topology – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Revision: Published Date: January ; Status: Superseded By: Superseded By : ASME B; Document Language: Published By: ASME International (ASME).

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Refer to Section 9 for further information pertaining to sampling interval. To assure reasonable accuracy, pilot specimens should be rated by calibrated measuring instruments. The profile coordinate system is that right-handed, three-dimensional, Cartesian coordinate system defined by the work surface and the direction of motion of the stylus. The transfer function of this system is: NordbergPrecision Devices, Inc. The real surface differs from the nominal surface to the extent thatit exhibits surface texture, flaws,and errors of form.

For example, a polished brass bell may have a satin finish, mirror finish, or something in between. The method is generally limited to b46.1 0 0 X magnificationwith a spatial resolution of about l pm 40pin.

This code or standard was developed under procedures accredited as meeting the criteria for American National Standards. Nominal values of groove depthand radius are shown in Table 1 The pickup nonlinearity is the deviation in z axis magnification as a function of stylus adme displacement. However, instruments exist that do not clearly fit within any single instrument class.

Grooves having an isosceles triangle profile see Fig. Otherwise, the readings may not be representative of the actual roughness of a surface but may be useful for comparative purposes.

When an electrical or digital filter is b446.1, the roughness long-wavelength cutoff value determines and is equal to the roughness sampling length, i. Special configurations of instruments for special purposes such as small radius skids, long styli, fast response, and special cutoff characteristics do not meet the requirements of this Section but are useful for comparative purposes.


An instrument with a digital readout integrates these high and low momentary readings and displays the surface roughness averaged over a significant length of surface profile. For waviness, one half of a waviness long-wavelength cutoff is required at eachend of the waviness evaluation length for filtering.

These limits are in addition to the allowthe able error of the amplitude transmission of asms transmission band stated in para. For proper statistics it should contain a number of sampling lengths see Fig. It is recommended that specifications of the surface be limited to defined areas of the casting.

Skidded Instruments With Parameters Only 2.

What is Surface Texture B46.1 for Stainless

The evaluation length is a key specification for a measuring g46.1. For a finite, digitized profile, it may be approximated by: They are to be distinguished from area profiling methods described i n Section 5.

The outer surface on each side of the groove is to be ignored for a sufficient length w 1 to avoid the influence of any rounding of the comers. Just as asem the average slope Ao, the selected value of do influences the value of A4. The range of useful magnification available depends largely on the differences in numerical aperture between instruments. However, for certain types of instruments or certain measurements, the evaluation samplinginterval, do – the lateral point-to-point spacing of a digitized profile see Fig.

Surface texture designations as delineated in this Standard may not provide aasme sufficient set of indexes for describing performance.

ASME B – Roughness Standard – Mechanical engineering other topics – Eng-Tips

See waviness long-wavelength cutoff and wavinessevaluationlength defined in Section Proflle valley fc FIG. No part of this publication may be r e p r o d u a in any form, including an electronic retrieval system, without the prior axme permission of DIN Deutsches Institut fuer Normung e. The mean peak spacing S, thus has a value of approximately 15 pm.


The transmission characteristic on The percent transmission limits of this transfer function are calculated from the following equations: When the probe is raster scanned over the surface, a profile is generated through the collection of sequential measurements.

The World’s First $19k 3D Profilometer:

It includes roughness and waviness. In the segmentation procedure, the center line is composed of straight line segments, each having a length equal to the roughness sampling length.

Profile repetition at 4 m m intervals. The static measuring force is the force, in the z direction, exerted into the workpiece surface by the stylus while the stylus is at rest.

However, this Section covers terminology associated withthe digitization and storage of profile data which is a requirement if an instrument is to comply with I S 0 No part of this publication may be copied or reproduced in any form, electronic retrieval system or otherwise, without the prior written permission the American National Standards of Institute, 11 West 42nd Street, New York, NYwhich holds reproduction rights in the United States.

A selection of gain settings isavailable on many instruments. Does one just specify what grit to use for the final pass? The zero point drift is the recordedchange in z reading under conditions where the stylus isheld stationary at constant ambient temperature and where outside mechanical influences are minimal.

The numerical difference between values obtained from methods of measurement that producevalueswhich are nominally not but precisely equal is referred to as methods divergence. Section 10 has been reserved to accommodate future paragraphs. C5, [4] and [ 5 ] ,isshown in Fig.