2 out. Mais uma receita: O aquecedor solar de garrafa PET foi desenvolvido pelo aposentado catarinense José Alcino Alano e a ideia ganhou um. Converter a energia do sol em energia elétrica está mais prático e mais fácil. Mais uma inovação sustentável no mercado da construção civil está se. Aquecedor solar de garrafa PET e caixa de leite AM – 14 Aug 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes. Reply. Retweet. Retweeted. Like.

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Full Text Available http: Os resultados obtidos foram os seguintes: Of all the thermochemical cycles that have been evaluated, the most suitable ones for pett with solar energy are those based on metal oxides.

Methodology to optimize the cost of deployment of a wind- solar hybrid system; Metodologia para otimizar o custo da implantacao de um sistema hibrido eolico- solar.

Se analizaron factores como funcionalidad, mantenimiento, limitaciones organizativas, gatrafa, y costos. Was evaluated the performance of the tracker, comparing it to a fixed system and based on results analyzed, was observed a significant increase in energy production of photovoltaic panel attached to the tracking system, in relation to the fixed system the slope of the local latitude.

The produced hydrogen eventually will be introduced in Ceara State through three scenarios which are one of, fast introduction, other of slow introduction and other of no introduction of hydrogen.

Effects of intermittent warming were evaluated for cold stored eggplant, pepper and okra fruits. I had been wanting to know if you ever considered replacing the design of your website? Este trabajo presenta algunos de los resultados preliminares de la aplicacion del estudio en un edificio de la Universidad junto con el analisis de la situacion inicial y las propuestas del manejo de energia reactiva, de iluminacion exterior e interior como soluciones para el ahorro de energia.

In order to test and calibrate models for estimating solar radiation data were collected from four meteorological stations belonging to the National Institute of Meteorology INMET to represent the climatic region northwest of Minas Gerais for the period from to In this work are presented the design, construction and relevant results related to the production of electricity using a photovoltaic panel attached to the solar tracking mechanism.


Finally we have mentioned the chemical analysis of destilled and normal tap water. These last three were evaluated before and after the disinfection process effluent parameters. Many possibilities of different kinds of errors there exist in this process, but the most significant problem is the lack of data.

DAMIRA AGUIAR LTDA. by Daniele Mota Cunha on Prezi

While I really like this publish, I believe there was an punctuational error near towards the end from the third paragraph.

Temperature measurements conducted over a day period gave values which were a few degrees lower than the theoretically calculated water temperatures.

Adicionalmente se estudia la influencia de estos parametros sobre los numeros de generacion de entropia por friccion viscosa, por transferencia de calor y total. Have you considered including some social bookmarking links to these sites. Parametric statistical T-student tests had been used to detect the significant difference in the average of total cost to being considered the diameter of the wind, F-Snedecor in the variance analysis to test if the coefficients of the considered model are significantly different of zero and test not-parametric statistical by Friedman, to verify if there is difference in the total cost, by being considered the photovoltaic module powers.

The Brazilian Northeast region was the preferred target of programs and projects aiming at the dissemination of the photovoltaic solar technology. Design, building, operation and evaluation energy wise of a hybrid experimental type, with heat pump, that uses no chloride, does not destroy the ozone layer.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Are other people getting the same issue?

Aquecedor solar de baixo custo – PET

First, a preliminary dryer design procedure is described step by step. TermoSim, as it is called, was initiated at the Solar Labs, and is in its version 3. Notify me of new comments via email. For both configurations was used EPS plates below the surface to minimize heat losses from the bottom.


Full Text Available Global warming is affecting agribusiness in its economic aspects. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or two graphics.

Aquecedor solar feito de garrafas PET

Ill email you some time. The awareness of the importance of the environment has stimulated the study of new energy sources renewed and less pollutant. At the rural places the use of electrical showers has meaning an increase in the electrical transformers powers, heavier electrical transmission rural lines, with greater prices and, at the urban zones, the use of electrical showers in the lower social classes has contributed to a more expressive electrical load at the nacional electrical system load peck, between 5: According to several sources the electric shower, as it is now simple and extremely cheap, is the villain of the national electrical system.

The objectives of the work were: It seems like right now there are a handful of cascading stylesheet problems when opening a number of web pages inside google chrome and internet explorer.

The plates were connected in parallel to the ends of PVC tubes of 40 mm diameter and 32 mm diameter. The equipment revealed technical viability, reaching the minimum temperature of 35 deg C for shower, whenever the solar radiation was above the W.

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