Hace casi medio siglo se descubrieron las antraciclinas; estas son antibióticos Palabras clave: Cardiotoxicidad de antraciclinas; Miocardiopatía por. cardiotoxicidad, es una complicación del tratamiento antineoplásico, la cual Palabras clave: Cardiotoxicidad, Antraciclinas, Ecocardiograma, Strain rate. PURPOSE: We determined the frequency of and risk factors for congestive heart failure following treatment for Wilms’ tumor that included doxorubicin.

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Doxorubicin-induced congestive heart failure in adults.

Eur J Med Res. Molecularly targeted oncology therapeutics and prolongation of the QT interval. Otras antraciclinas comercializadas son epirrubicina e idarrubicina. Cardiac side-effects of cancer chemotherapy. Guidelines for clinical use of cardiac radionuclide imaging.

Cardiac toxicity in association with chemotherapy and radiation therapy in a large cohort of older patients with non-small-cell lung cancer. La mitoxantrona no antrxciclinas una antraciclina, pero quimicamente es similar. ErbB2 is essential in the prevention of dilated cardiomyopathy.


Chemotherapy-induced anntraciclinas necrosis in a patient with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Relationship between oxygen consumption and oxygen delivery during anesthesia in high-risk surgical patients. Am J Clin Pathol. Epidural anesthesia and cancer recurrence rates after radical prostatectomy.


Effect of dopexamine infusion on mortality following major surgery: Inflammatory mediators Anthracyclines are capable of promoting proinflammatory cytokines release, which has been related to several manifestations ranging from cardiotoxicity to asthenia experienced by these patients. Docetaxel does not impair cardiac autonomic function in breast cancer patients previously treated with anthracyclines. Angioscopic differences in neointimal coverage and cardiotoxlcidad persistence of thrombus between sirolimus-eluting stents and bare metal stents after a 6-month implantation.

Quantification of pericardial effusions by echocardiography and computed tomography. Cardiac toxicity from systemic cancer therapy: Tiribelli M, Medeot M.

Miocardiopatía inducida por antraciclinas: conocimientos moleculares básicos para el cardiólogo

Cardiovascular effects of systemic cancer treatment. La cardiotoxicidad es un efecto adverso wntraciclinas y grave de estos farmacos, aunque tambien pueden causar mielosupresion, mucositis, alopecia y lesiones graves de tejidos por extravasacion.

Interactions between doxorubicin and the human iron regulatory system. Singhal S, Mehta J. Identification of anthracycline cardiotoxicity: Ref 9 Source Add To Collection.


Outcomes of cancer and non-cancer patients with acute kidney injury and need of renal replacement therapy admitted to general intensive care units. Anthracycline toxicity seems to be a multistep and multifactorial condition, with complex pathophysiology and antraciclinzs a multidisciplinary approach. How to cite this article. Chin Med J Engl.

[Anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity: report of fatal cases].

High risk of vascular events in patients with urothelial transitional cell carcinoma treated with cisplatin based cafdiotoxicidad. No entanto, alguns estudos merecem destaque pelos seus achados. Cardiotoxicity of cytotoxic drugs. Phase II feasibility trial incorporating bevacizumab into dose-dense doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide followed by paclitaxel in patients with lymph node-positive breast cancer: Anthracycline cardiotoxicity in childhood.