A simplified design and optimization method of aerospike nozzle contour and the results of tests and numerical simulation of aerospike nozzles are presented. advantages of the aerospike nozzle is the ability to achieve thrust vectoring aerodynamically Figure 1 compares two aerospike-based nozzle designs to their. design strategy. Introduction. A multidisciplinary analytic model of a linear aerospike rocket nozzle has been developed; this model includes predictions.

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The exhaust, a high-temperature mix of gases, has an effectively random momentum distribution i.

Multidisciplinary Approach to Aerospike Nozzle Design – Semantic Scholar

Aerospije of chamber pressure to thruster exit pressure. In this case the slightly upgraded J-2S engine machinery was used with a linear spike, creating the XRS The vehicle also was to have had lightweight components and fuel tanks built to conform to the vehicle’s outer shape.

Due to unavailable thruster dimensions and conflicting dimensional and performance information provided by NASA and relevant technical papers this aerospike rocket engine analysis is an approximation. Multidisciplinary design optimization Aerospike Database Computational fluid dynamics. This article needs attention from an expert on the subject. Radius that defines dssign projected area of the aerospike nozzle Re.

Small-scale aerospike engine development using a hybrid rocket propellant configuration has been ongoing by members of the Reaction Research Society.

Aerospike engine

Exploded view of the aerospike rocket motor. The company hoped to develop VentureStar early this century. Determine shapes and flow properties of 3-D Minimum Length Nozzles using an approximation procedure based on 2-D results. Only the ratio of specific heats are required for the MLN analysis.


Aerospike engine – Wikipedia

In JuneARCA announced that they would fly their Demonstrator3 rocket to space, using a linear aerospike engine. From This Paper Figures, tables, and topics from this paper.

Retrieved 30 May This article has multiple issues. The value for the ratio of specific heats g are determined from the Units and Gases menus and are passed on to the Aerospike Nozzle program after clicking the Aerospike Nozzle command button on the main start-up screen.


Multidisciplinary Approach to Aerospike Nozzle Design

Read the nozzle description file from a previous session. Inclination angle from sonic line: As the vehicle climbs to higher altitudes, the air pressure holding the exhaust against the spike decreases, as does the drag in front of the vehicle. Thruster internal circular radius Ra.

Found by interation of Equation 1 and displayed in lower data region. See Figure 1 below. The spike forms one side of a “virtual” bell, with the other side being formed by the outside air—thus the “aerospike”. For a detailed discussion of the method of characteristics please refer to the reference, Modern Compressible Flow, With Historical Perspective, by John D. Send an image of the screen to the printer.

Since the pressure in front of the vehicle is ambient, this means that the exhaust at the base of the spike nearly balances out with the drag experienced by the vehicle. The bell redirects exhaust moving in the wrong direction so that it generates thrust in the correct direction.


Refresh the displayed analysis to the default analysis seen during start-up. For comparison purposes all results are referenced to the curved sonic line analysis for 2-D and 3-D axisymmetric nozzles.

Aerospike length from origin Lnozzle: Aerospike fabricated from a solid bar of T6 aluminum using a lathe to machine the article using a template generated by AeroSpike 2.

Showing of 8 extracted citations. It belongs to the class of altitude compensating nozzle engines. bozzle

The user only needs to click the Plot button to see a new contour plot of the results or the UpDown button to see flow results at any of the characteristic mesh points. The design was abandoned after Firefly Space Systems went bankrupt. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. A nearly minimum length nozzle may be generated by specifying a very small but finite radius of curvature at the throat with the inflection point of the throat-curve just downstream of the throat.

In the Aerospike Nozzle Data section added a display of Distance from end of thruster to end of ramp. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When this simple modification is performed the exit Area ratio AR becomes 2.

Topics Discussed in This Paper.