1756 OW16 PDF

Buy New or Surplus ALLEN BRADLEY OW16 (OUTPUT MODULE 16POINT ISOLATED RELAY CONTROL LOGIX) parts. Radwell also repairs ALLEN. Preliminary Publication UMD-EN-P – October Summary of Changes. Introduction. This release of this document contains updated information. specifications. I/O Modules. Digital Contact Output Modules (Please select number of Removable terminal Blocks as addded in the list.): N.O. Isolated Relay .

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Be confident that you are using top-of-the-line products from one of the hottest brands. Has anyone experienced this same or similar issue?

Allen Bradley 1756-OW16

Trademarks, brand names and brands appearing on this website are the property of their respective owners. So it 176 to show how the manufacturer does not sit down and plan out, or design out, the potential for this between their own modules. I’ve had nothing but positive experience working with EU Automation.

Send us your contact info and a message or Call to speak directly with a team member. We’re here to help Send us your contact info and a message or Call to speak directly with a team member. Customers can now collect data at the source to make real-time decisions and increase productivity.

So in fact, the only module to be concerned with is the OW16I, as it is the only one of the two modules that have snubbers built in. We’ll keep trying to send your inquiry if you stay on the page.

This output module falls into the class of programmable logic control 1576. We understand that credit is a necessary part of business and offer credit agreements on request, subject to status. The controllers and modules you select, along with your network configuration, determine what additional software packages you need to configure and program your system. 175 the part number below and select it to add it to your enquiry.


So far we’ve not found a relay ouptut module that retains the 2A per contact rating. Trending Price New. A member of our team will respond as soon as possible. The contact ratings on the OX8 are 2A per contact. In retrospect Ron, I think you were referring to all output modules that have leakage currents, and not just the “contact” output modules? Other output modules on ow1 market underneath the same brand are the tbch and the tbs6H. You can even buy the cable between the IO card and the Field Terminatinon board pre terminated.

It’s 17756 easier, and cheaper to change out an interposing relay, than an Output module. But then again, interposing between controllers is very good practice, in my opinion. Solution Partners System Integrators.

Bianca Born 1 week ago I’ve had nothing but positive… I’ve had nothing but positive experience working with EU Automation.

The OW16I is notorious for its leakage current holding on relatively low impedance loads. It is not very practical for to verify each and every actual load current and not practical to install interposing relays in the existing cabinets.

Allen-Bradley OW16

As I said, there are only two relay contact output modules available for the range. 1765 don’t mean to needlessly complicate this — but – besides just the current capability – you should also take a look 11756 the amount of offstate “leakage current” involved in your replacement modules Your browser does not support iframes. Your purchased item s may need to be tested and may not ship on the day of purchase, this includes “Next Day Air” shipments.

7156 Truth is, you should make some effort to identify the actual loads on these outputs and use interposing relays where necessary. Your obviously a bit concerned about driving the existing AC loads, even with a 0. If you are interested in new products, please contact Sterling Services sales staff at Rockwell’s job is done here I feel?

Product Key Features Controller Platform.

That being said, AB really should offer an equivalent replacement module if they are going to advocate upgrading SLC systems to ControlLogix. There is a more current version with specs that appear to show a 1. Additional Information Oa16 Integrated Architecture Solutions provide the foundation to drive plantwide optimization efficiently and effectively, enabling you to respond competitively to the economy and changes in consumer demand.


This way there is no transient suppression built in and inductive loads will make short work of the Cards tiny relay contacts. Using the output’s current leakage spec. The module has a wide range of operating voltage so you are able to customize it exactly to your needs, ranging from 5 to V DC and 10 to V AC. Show More Show Less.


Once you ensure their 17556 state current rating is sufficiently high enough, the leakage current should not really be an issue.

Skip to main content. This item doesn’t belong on this page. It is disappointing that AB does not have a better migration solution. If an Output module is not an Isolated module i.

17756 say the relay fails from an unsuppressed load in the field. AB relay output contact ratings. Why is it impractical to install interposing relays?

ControlLogix Modules

I’ve also seen people install tiny little itty-bitty relays as “interposing” relays – only to have them “stick ON” when the PLC tries to turn them OFF – due to the “leakage current” effect I think what we are looking at is a 2-tier terminal block style 7156.

Most starter and solenoid coils are sufficiently rated for an off state leakage current as low as 1. Once your information is submitted, an EU Automation team member will respond as soon as possible.